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South Africa Abalone Battles

According to sources who asked not to be identified, the major upheaval started on January 20, when suspected perlemoen kingpin and minstrel boss Russel Jacobs, 38, was gunned down in Blue Downs.

They say the upheaval has included shootings, reshuffling of positions within a suspected syndicate, and a string of perlemoen busts.

In the three weeks after Jacobs was killed, six massive raids, involving more than R51m worth of perlemoen, were carried out in the province.

Striking after chaos is a strong move. Read more here.

Don’t get any ideas.

Flash Bang

“I’m the “weee” before the “boom”
I’m the fire in the hole coming from the tube”

Flash bang game. Think shock and awe.

There’s a group of chicks. Or a “mixed set”

Of course there’s one (or a few) that you’ve got in your sights.

One way to approach this:

Posted at the bar. Whiskey on the rocks with a splash of water in hand.

There’s a chick posted at one of the tables with her clique. There’s three girls and four seats.

Roll over. Grab the seat.

They have no time to react. The pin is already out.

Drop something about how their friend is cute. Flip to her. Rap about how you had to come talk to her. How she has to give you her number and come out with you sometime. Pull out your phone and get the digits.

Time spent: under a minute

Another way:

Walk into the spot. Suited. Midnight three piece with no tie. White shirt, white square.

There’s a group of fly chicks. All in heels. Two in a dress one in a skirt and crop. One of these girls is not like the others. They’re at the bar. They’re unassuming. Some kind of conversation. Everyone’s getting drinks and then they’re coming with you.

They don’t know what hit them.

Drop some group compliment. You need them all. Right now. They have to come with you right away. There’s urgent business. You tell them to follow you. Flag a cab. Outro

Time spent: 2 minutes

Keys to flash bang game:

You’re in and you’re out. Quick. Silent. Cap and ghost. Stick and move. You know the drill.

Get the number. Or pull the chick. Or the group.

Don’t linger.

No mess
Good for groups
Good for the use dolo

Can’t think of any

I’ve run this well and bounced a girl from the spot in no time. You have to move before there’s any objection. She’s already on her way and having fun before she has time to think.

Le Soir

Pounding pavement all day. Get a hit on the cell that my girl is going to be in town and off work for the night. Plan this, plan that, we’re meeting up at a nice little  spot in Le Onzième.

Le Maitre D’ decked out in jacket and square just like yours truly. Spit some Français and pick up the reservation. He asks how things are with work. Tout ça va.

Table in the corner. Near side of the bar, away from the music. Bass and horn duet going off on the other side of the restaurant. Say what’s up to the bar tender, dap him a bill. Get back a Bourbon and a Bourdeaux.

Emotions are high. She’s been on the runway all day. We drink. The wine airs out. The band plays some Miles. Waitress comes through. Nous commandons. Everyone wants to know how things are. A few other regulars stop by. We chop it up with another couple in on holiday. Another round appears. Food comes.

The owner shows up around midnight. Says what up to the others kicking it at the bar. Gets us another round. Asks how is L’Américain? Everything is good. Food is good, company is good.



THE Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operations Unit, Zone ‘A’ Lagos in the months of January and February through its anti-smuggling operations, have realised about N1.3 billion, even as it intercepted various contraband and other goods with Duty Paid Value, DPV, of over N713 million. The unit through its interventions recovered N650.3 million from duty payments and demand notices on general goods that tried to beat the system from seaports, airport and border stations in the guise of false declaration, transfer of value, and shortchange in duty payment. These yielded N1.4 billion into the federation account in the two months under review.

A statement signed by the Public Relations Officer of the Unit, Jerry Attah, and made available to Vanguard showed that 197 different seizures were recorded comprising foreign parboiled rice, frozen poultry products, vegetable oil, smuggled vehicles, Indian hemp, arms, fake pharmaceutical/medicaments and various general merchandise.

Nigerian customs is turning over some product.

Don’t get any ideas.

Spreading Value

You want to be the cat in the spot that is giving everything to everyone.

What you don’t realize is that people come out to get off the wall. People need to have fun, but they don’t know how to make it happen for themselves.

So how do you come in to the spot and drop mad value for everyone involved?

1. Play the host

Be the one that is getting everything in order. It’s your place, make sure your guests are comfortable, and that they are having a good time. Give out some daps, connect the bar tender with the group of girls that needs a drink. Keep the liquor flowing, the drugs running and the music loud. You don’t need to give any of that, just make sure everyone has access. Supply should meet demand.

2. Make intros

Shake hands, take names, introduce people. It’s really simple. “This is my friend, you two would get along.” People’s social scripts will do the rest. You can actually bounce at that point and intro other groups. People need an excuse. Give them one.

3. Provide good vibes

Only positives. Things should be fun. No down shit, no wack emotions, bring the golden times. The best way to do this is by doing what the fuck you want. If you’re having a good time, other people will have a good time. This is simple follow the leader. Figure that out and everyone comes along for the ride.

4. Share experiences

You can bond way quicker over shared experiences, real or imagined. Make shit happen. If that’s the first time she’s ever kissed a girl, then maybe she needs to knock out the second time as well. Push boundaries. Once again, if you’re doing what the fuck you want, fun things should occur and other people want to be a part of those fun things. Bring them with you.

5. Connect, rinse, repeat

If there are people missing from the bubble. Add them in. No one should be left out. You want things to keep snowballing. Throw in some more spices, mix things around. Just don’t let it spiral out of control and wake up in a ditch on the other side of the country.


Look, all it comes down to is letting people experience your reality. It’s awesome as fuck and of course people want to come in and take part.

Get out there.

Straight Gold

Out on the town. As usual for this time of night. Bounced out a client dinner and off in to the night. Plan is to meet up with some of the crew and hit up a few spots around town.

I meet up with the homies at a local spot. We chop it up and kill a few grits out front of the bar. Grab a drink or two and catch up. We’re supposed to meet up with some cat who is a friend of a friend and copped a table downtown. Bad idea. I push the homie whose plan this is before hand. He says he’s got it locked down and there are no worries. It’s a “sure thing.”

We roll out over that way. Get to the spot and don’t get past the first door. It’s crowded, there’s too many people, maybe if we put up for another table. Heard all of that before. People are coming out saying it’s dead inside.

Turns out this cat we are supposed to meet up with is at another spot. Homie has two strikes already. He’s an unknown and he’s put us at the wrong spot. It’s also fucking cold. Not helping my mood.

Get to the next spot and it’s the same story. Luckily I came prepared for all this. Spark up a bit of a spliff on the sidewalk out front and chat up the door guy.

Offer a bit and he’s pretty open. We’ve got a nice little group, so I hit this dude up for a suggestion. Where can 2 guys with 6 girls get in to something?

Solid, solid move if you didn’t already know.

He points your boy in the right direction. Gives a name to drop at the next spot. I grab the crew and take over the night. Bounce over to this new spot.

At the door. No more issues. Drop a name, chat it up. Get the gloved hand treatment all the way in. Cop a shot for the cat and take his info.

Spend the rest of the night kickin it at the upscale spot throwing back neat whiskey and dancing.

On the way out, dap up the cat that let us in. Make some connects about some supply he might need later in the week. Take names again, and throw in some other info on the nights ahead.

The move here is to lock down the door guy anywhere you go. They all know each other and a name here and a name there will get you in.

Not rolling with 3 chicks on your arm to an upscale spot? Get out there.

Spinning Up A Party

So you walk in to a new spot. Cold. Knowing nobody. What it do?

For me…

Start at the door. Bouncer gets some casual conversation in line. Also chat up anyone else who is standing around at the door. Captive audience.

Then in the spot. It’s laps first. Get a lay of the land. Make my way through the groups. “Excuse me” and touch on the back on a girl as I go by. Maybe some dap and head nod to any cats in the spot.

Over to the bar next. Chop it with whoever is at the bar waiting for a drink. “You been waiting long?” or something. Easy convo. Of course hit up the bartender and any staff hanging around.

By then I’ve cased the joint so to speak. I know where the power players are, where there are groups, who’s who and what’s what. Start to map out the plan of attack for the spot.

Start with the low hanging fruit. Guys by themselves and lonely, a group of chicks somewhere in the middle of the totem pole, the girl waiting for her friends to get out the john. If they look like they need someone to talk to then you’re golden.

Once you’ve gotten an in with them, it’s on to the next. “Oh I think she’s my friends friend” and you bounce over to a new group. Same rap there. “Oh hey how are you what are you doing here who did you come with where are you headed after oh wait what’s your name again”

Jump from group to group. Or grab a few stragglers and mesh everyone together. The old heads call it “merging sets.”

That’s easy pickings. “Jennifer meet Jane you both grew up in Cali huh that’s so crazy you’re practically sisters”

Soon you’ve got a few chicks over there who think you’re funny, the lonely guy thinks you’re cool and the heavy hitters are scoping you out like “who’s this cat?”

The rest of the spot is up on your vibe cause you’ve been bringing the noise since you stepped in.

Off the Wall

Dropping by a friend’s birthday party. She copped a lounge situation on the edge of town for the night. Things are chill and going round. New people to meet. Chopping it up with some investment banker types. Chopping it up with some friends of friends. Taking names and digits where it makes sense.

None of that is unusual. Good times. What happened after though is we all bounced to another spot. We get there and start throwing it down on the dance floor with our small group, turnt off the previous place.

I look around. No one else in the spot is having any kind of fun.

Now this, not at all unusual either. Go to the spot next time and check out what most other cats are doing.

They might be posted with friends, posted with a drink, posted on their phones. Common denominator is they are out, but they aren’t making any moves.

Talking to people you don’t know is some freaky shit to most of the population, so people stand around on the wall and never take any action.

So all the more powerful moves are when you can come in and bring some energy to what would otherwise be a dead night for folks. This works for guys, girls, groups. Doesn’t matter. Very, very strong move.

  1. Pace the group and get in with any basic open.
  2. Add in emotions by introducing drama, playing the group of each other, pushing buttons, etc.
  3. Keep pumping things until they’re around the emotional level that you want the group or the chick you’re working on.
  4. Merge groups, bounce, next steps.

In practice? It’s me rolling over to two other girls that aren’t in our clique. Short words about one girl’s hair and the other girl’s choker. Make fun of them for being bad dancers. They start qualifying. Grab them, go introduce to the birthday girl. Pull them in to the dance circle and start them off.

This is massively valuable to people because otherwise they would be sitting around bored on their phones. Instead they end up dancing and having fun and in part of an actual party. This is why people go out. They just don’t have the skills to make it happen for themselves. You can stay inside and get the same kinds of connects and atmosphere with your friends, your phone and some music. But people still go out and do those things at the club because they are waiting for some random factor to disrupt their experience.

Not tearing it up on the dance floor? Get out there



Got hit up for a kickback. Help support the homies, threw out a few invitations. Important to have mixed company, keep things exciting. Show up first of course. Smoke the spot out, get started on the drinks a bit early.

Folks start coming in. Teacher, model, actress. Friends of friends. Everyone’s welcome. Pair up, take the gifts that come in. Some good taste in wine from the homegirl. She’s got a few of her crew rolling over soon.

Light up some more. Get to talking about this and that. Working the groups, making sure people know each other. That girl is from downtown, this girl lived in the arts district, you two would get along. You get the idea.

Conversation going up. More people falling through. They bring wine and trees. Good friends. Homegirl’s friend is here. Tall, hair, laugh, we’re vibing. Take her around, introductions. This one and that one. Gracious host all the way, it might as well be my spot. Drinks are flowing, people have gotten to know each other and are comfortable now. Smoke’s in the air and the music is up.

Get started on the dancing, push a few people to the floor. Lights go down. Girl can dance. We work it for a bit, break it off, hit up the rest of the party again. Our mutual friend is about to dip. I send homegirl off, I’ll take care of her friend, no worries. Back to more fun things. Roll a spliff, hit the porch out back. Burn that and then it’s basic questions. Where we headed next?


Girls in a Drought

Some kind of misguided notions floating around from cats that probably don’t have any female friends in real life.

General idea is this:

If she’s going out and kicking it with friends at the club, then she’s taking someone’s D at the end of the night.


Fact is most girls are wanting for a man.

These chicks are in a drought. Hard up. Not getting any.

It’s not cause they have options, cause they do.

Problem is that their options don’t mean anything to them. They want the guy they can’t have, not the one that is throwing himself at her.

A lot of these chicks are going out to the spot, drinking with friends, hoping that one dude across the way hits her up to chat, and if he doesn’t she’s headed home with her pussy in hand.

These chicks are going months without a guy capping on them. That’s par for the course.

So what’s with all the cats that think girls trip and fall on a dick every time they walk out the house?

Get out there.

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by Black Caesar