Making all the days count. Always moving forward towards something better, something greater. Been out, coasting on E most nights after calling in the big dollars on the regular grind. Weeks of hitting the corners and pushing supply. Nights after that are always easy going.

But one day got a second to throw it down with the homie. We’re posted out back with a Backwoods and something out of Kentucky. Graduated from the earlier days of tossing product and have moved on to the other side of things, but old lessons never go away.

Get deeper in it and we’re chopping it up about this ting and that one, of course he’s always got new news. This cat has been chasing skirts since I knew him.

Anyway, I was dishing about stepping to a chick for the first time and it went something like this.

When you step to her, of course you’re going to come correct, but really it’s all about knowing what kind of shit you bring to the table. Me I’m all that, so when I hit her up, she can take it or leave it.

If it’s not fun then I’m going to get bored and she’s going to miss out on all I’ve got to offer. Best thing for her is to come along for the ride, let me sweep her up in my reality and then we can go off and do our piece.

For girls that are down for this kind of experience, they will let themselves go and really give in to it. Other girls push back but want to get won over.

As I get in to it, I’ll adjust to how she’s feeling, but in the first moment, it’s all about me and what I want. Then if she’s cool she can get more and I can enjoy the process of putting it on her. That’s a mutually fun and enjoyable kind of thing.

All that intent is in the initial step, when I drop my voodoo on the outset.