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Working Girls

When you’re out on the town making moves around the upper crust, you’re going to run in to “working girls.”


Say you hit a nice little rooftop fashion event to negotiate some fabric deals and cop some art. Roll in to the join custom fitted peaked lapels. Pure white scarf. Cold serving. Run a lap on the place, making sure to grab cards and put in some face time. Take your drink ticket to the bar and order a whiskey rocks. Girl, full sleeve, hair up and ice all over. I break that down. Somewhere mid convo about her being a plus one she drops, “You’re cute, but tonight is booked.”

Say you’re at a dinner, on invite from the homies. Stop by their spot after closing some deals, ready to kick back and blow trees. Mixed company and some stories are going around. There is a chick there in some faux fur and a choker. Silicon popping out her strapless dress. Topics get to travel and she goes, “The Emirates are fun.”

Say you drop in to visit a second cousin of your Rolly on a trip to The Continent. You all hit a private beach on the West Side and throw back Pils and Reefs. Posted at the bar in some board shorts and a Fitted T. Older cat is there and spit some Français about business. Chick rolls up decked out. They’re together but not. He heads out to the surf to spark a grit and she stick around. We get to talking real estate timelines and she offers to show me around with a, “I’ll be done with him soon if you’re going to be here.”

A Pimp Named

Back when I was a lowercase G, me and the roll dog used to post up at his cousin’s spot. It was a low down after hours joint that where we would kick it and help move a bit of product.

This was back in the street time days when we were running around town way past dark and hitting the boards by sunup. We used to bump some sick nasty and jam mixes of the oldies paying out the 12s mounted on the wall. We weren’t doing much of everything, but we thought we owned the world.

There was a cat that used to post up at the spot. Always dressed down in some slacks. Fly kicks all the time. Crocodile leather accessories. Not decked out, just smooth.

We’d throw some his way and guy would kick back by smoking us out. Always had a different chick with him. The girls would hit, lay back and blow rings. Dude never spoke that much but they would jump. Never lifted a finger but would have the bar rolled and drinks in hand.

It was command, but easy command.

The girls were out. Not throwing it, but you always knew you could get it if you wanted. Cat offered a few here and there. Not straight out, but it was there.

We ran work out the spot for Summer before moving on to some better logistics. Every once and a while we would fall through and see old dude with his feet up smoking loud and having his girls fetch beer.

At that point I had learned to pick brains and got to talking about running traffic and the Game.

His perspective. You just tell people what you want, they’ll do it. Gotta be clear. Most people aren’t clear. But if you say it, it’ll happen.

So get after it.

Reading Ahead

Useful skill with fly women or with big cash is reading ahead.

Got to have that two steps. Quick example to illustrate.

Get a ring from a client. Big account, so it goes through on the second buzz. Of course there are some issues, some things to work out. Luck has it, I’ll be in that part of the world in the next bit so the easy move is putting some time on. Cop the dinner, smooth things over, we make some plans for later on in the month and we’re both on our way.

Of course, cause I’m suited and feeling good after tossing back a few and sparking up on the street out front, I hit the spot down the block. No rust and I intended to be in and out like a robbery. Walk in, dap up the homie in front and the bar tender, give la bise to the floor girl, grab a seat on the corner.

Post up, switch over to some darker stuff. Pop off at a shawty sitting a few seats over. She’s digging it, swap over to the chair next to her and she orders another drink. Little spiel about her work. She’s out on business, get the hotel name. She just got done with a meeting, nothing to do after. She’s mad cause her friend was supposed to meet her but flaked, nothing going on.

I drop some stuff about another spot that is cracking later on and grab another Bulleit. A few conversation pieces later and she suggests we go check out one of those other places. Yeah, the one that is supposed to pop off.

We get there, dance a bit. She can move, I like that. Eventually, we bounce. She’s been running around in heels all day, she’s got more comfortable stuff back at hers. We roll down the street and cop another bottle of wine and a corkscrew from the corner store. Her hotel is down the street. Wonder how that happened.


Le Soir

Pounding pavement all day. Get a hit on the cell that my girl is going to be in town and off work for the night. Plan this, plan that, we’re meeting up at a nice little  spot in Le Onzième.

Le Maitre D’ decked out in jacket and square just like yours truly. Spit some Français and pick up the reservation. He asks how things are with work. Tout ça va.

Table in the corner. Near side of the bar, away from the music. Bass and horn duet going off on the other side of the restaurant. Say what’s up to the bar tender, dap him a bill. Get back a Bourbon and a Bourdeaux.

Emotions are high. She’s been on the runway all day. We drink. The wine airs out. The band plays some Miles. Waitress comes through. Nous commandons. Everyone wants to know how things are. A few other regulars stop by. We chop it up with another couple in on holiday. Another round appears. Food comes.

The owner shows up around midnight. Says what up to the others kicking it at the bar. Gets us another round. Asks how is L’Américain? Everything is good. Food is good, company is good.


Straight Gold

Out on the town. As usual for this time of night. Bounced out a client dinner and off in to the night. Plan is to meet up with some of the crew and hit up a few spots around town.

I meet up with the homies at a local spot. We chop it up and kill a few grits out front of the bar. Grab a drink or two and catch up. We’re supposed to meet up with some cat who is a friend of a friend and copped a table downtown. Bad idea. I push the homie whose plan this is before hand. He says he’s got it locked down and there are no worries. It’s a “sure thing.”

We roll out over that way. Get to the spot and don’t get past the first door. It’s crowded, there’s too many people, maybe if we put up for another table. Heard all of that before. People are coming out saying it’s dead inside.

Turns out this cat we are supposed to meet up with is at another spot. Homie has two strikes already. He’s an unknown and he’s put us at the wrong spot. It’s also fucking cold. Not helping my mood.

Get to the next spot and it’s the same story. Luckily I came prepared for all this. Spark up a bit of a spliff on the sidewalk out front and chat up the door guy.

Offer a bit and he’s pretty open. We’ve got a nice little group, so I hit this dude up for a suggestion. Where can 2 guys with 6 girls get in to something?

Solid, solid move if you didn’t already know.

He points your boy in the right direction. Gives a name to drop at the next spot. I grab the crew and take over the night. Bounce over to this new spot.

At the door. No more issues. Drop a name, chat it up. Get the gloved hand treatment all the way in. Cop a shot for the cat and take his info.

Spend the rest of the night kickin it at the upscale spot throwing back neat whiskey and dancing.

On the way out, dap up the cat that let us in. Make some connects about some supply he might need later in the week. Take names again, and throw in some other info on the nights ahead.

The move here is to lock down the door guy anywhere you go. They all know each other and a name here and a name there will get you in.

Not rolling with 3 chicks on your arm to an upscale spot? Get out there.

Off the Wall

Dropping by a friend’s birthday party. She copped a lounge situation on the edge of town for the night. Things are chill and going round. New people to meet. Chopping it up with some investment banker types. Chopping it up with some friends of friends. Taking names and digits where it makes sense.

None of that is unusual. Good times. What happened after though is we all bounced to another spot. We get there and start throwing it down on the dance floor with our small group, turnt off the previous place.

I look around. No one else in the spot is having any kind of fun.

Now this, not at all unusual either. Go to the spot next time and check out what most other cats are doing.

They might be posted with friends, posted with a drink, posted on their phones. Common denominator is they are out, but they aren’t making any moves.

Talking to people you don’t know is some freaky shit to most of the population, so people stand around on the wall and never take any action.

So all the more powerful moves are when you can come in and bring some energy to what would otherwise be a dead night for folks. This works for guys, girls, groups. Doesn’t matter. Very, very strong move.

  1. Pace the group and get in with any basic open.
  2. Add in emotions by introducing drama, playing the group of each other, pushing buttons, etc.
  3. Keep pumping things until they’re around the emotional level that you want the group or the chick you’re working on.
  4. Merge groups, bounce, next steps.

In practice? It’s me rolling over to two other girls that aren’t in our clique. Short words about one girl’s hair and the other girl’s choker. Make fun of them for being bad dancers. They start qualifying. Grab them, go introduce to the birthday girl. Pull them in to the dance circle and start them off.

This is massively valuable to people because otherwise they would be sitting around bored on their phones. Instead they end up dancing and having fun and in part of an actual party. This is why people go out. They just don’t have the skills to make it happen for themselves. You can stay inside and get the same kinds of connects and atmosphere with your friends, your phone and some music. But people still go out and do those things at the club because they are waiting for some random factor to disrupt their experience.

Not tearing it up on the dance floor? Get out there



Got hit up for a kickback. Help support the homies, threw out a few invitations. Important to have mixed company, keep things exciting. Show up first of course. Smoke the spot out, get started on the drinks a bit early.

Folks start coming in. Teacher, model, actress. Friends of friends. Everyone’s welcome. Pair up, take the gifts that come in. Some good taste in wine from the homegirl. She’s got a few of her crew rolling over soon.

Light up some more. Get to talking about this and that. Working the groups, making sure people know each other. That girl is from downtown, this girl lived in the arts district, you two would get along. You get the idea.

Conversation going up. More people falling through. They bring wine and trees. Good friends. Homegirl’s friend is here. Tall, hair, laugh, we’re vibing. Take her around, introductions. This one and that one. Gracious host all the way, it might as well be my spot. Drinks are flowing, people have gotten to know each other and are comfortable now. Smoke’s in the air and the music is up.

Get started on the dancing, push a few people to the floor. Lights go down. Girl can dance. We work it for a bit, break it off, hit up the rest of the party again. Our mutual friend is about to dip. I send homegirl off, I’ll take care of her friend, no worries. Back to more fun things. Roll a spliff, hit the porch out back. Burn that and then it’s basic questions. Where we headed next?


Gullible Models

Sometimes you run in to these cats that do male modeling stuff.

Cats are impeccably tall and and put together. They wear Givenchy sweaters that zip all the way up one sleeve through the neck.

They are always falling in to weird business schemes.

I’d have them pegged as marks but they only ever get in to business with other models. Then that stuff goes up in flames and they are pointing fingers.

If you want to throw them off in to a random convo, ask about their cash or themselves.

That’s the cons.

Pro is they got girls that hang around and kick back at the spot.

Sales Takeaway

If you didn’t know, Dope Game is universal. It’s for women, for business and for life.

One little move that you might have used at the club, is actually even more gold when you’re using it to stack cash.

The takeaway.

Easy stuff really. Girl not feeling you in that moment at the spot? Turn your back, say some words, freeze her out. Now she’s got to try and get back in your good graces. She’ll come around. Chase is back on and you’re on the right side of the equation.

In business, basically the same deal.

Today, was pushing for a sale on some six figure work that we’ve got in pipeline. Maybe a bit too expensive for what this client is trying to do, but really they need it. They know it. I know it.

So they say “not sure about the price, how can we bring that down?”

Typically you’d work with them to come somewhere in the middle.

But I’m a fucking closer. So instead, I takeaway.

“That’s alright, we can give you this other package that’s less with less. This one is probably too expensive for you all anyway.”

Of course, everyone wants what they can’t have.

Cashed out, deal signed, no other issues after that.

Not closing out six-figure deals on the regular? Get out there.

Dancers Showing Out

Hitting the Gentleman’s Club. Per standards I’m decked out. Custom suit, square, peaked lapels, dark grey with red pipping. Fresh to death and sharp. On edge.

I’m dragging clients around the downtown strip. Petty cash in pocket and handing out their allowance for the night.

We hit the spot. Make an entrance. Of course I’m the only guy suited like I am. Heads turn. The cats I’m with make for the stage and go round up some drinks. Mission is to give them some bills, make sure they’re feeling the booze, and let them go wild for a bit while I scope out the place.

Post up a bit back from the main action with my drink. The girls are out making rounds. I’m getting the usual propositions. Not today though sweetheart.

The first set is done and a chick from the stage comes down and starts chopping it up. She’s trying to sell herself but then just wants to hang. We kick it for a while. She’s trying to give me a dance on the house. I take that and throw her some ones from my roll. She’s trying to figure out what I do, why I’m here. Not getting any info from me though. Of course that makes her try harder. She’s wondering why I don’t want a private dance.

Not here to spend money, here to make money. I tell her “I can’t now, but what you on later.” She knows what’s good about that and she’s off at 3 after the next dance.

It’s her round again and this time she’s looking to impress. Ends up pulling some other chick on stage and showing out. I’m not paying attention much cause my guys are out of cash and have to get back to their real lives. I throw them in a cab and head back inside just as my girl is finishing off.

She’s still trying to place me. Going to have a hard time with that. “So are you always like this?” she asks.

The answer to that question is, of course, yes.


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