Here’s a powerful concept to leverage in your day to day.

You want to be able to select from the set of what’s presented from you in a way to maximize what you’re putting in and what you’re getting out. No use sending out a unspecified query because you will end up returning a bunch of unnecessary noise and that will keep you from getting in to what you want.

Instead, start being specific.

Some examples might be helpful to illustrate.

Maybe you put yourself in an environment that selects for large numbers of fly girls, with tattoos, that enjoy free expression and talking about Moon Phases while tripping off some engineered chemical. For good measure you can throw in some selects that make it easy for you to get a double digit return while still leaving time for some fun. Then maybe a select or two that gets your main kick it spot a central location for activity just this side of illicit.

That’s a complicated version.

Something simple is making your main haunt in the city someplace that attracts the kind of clientele that either Line Your Pockets or end up in your bed.

Eventually you can tune out all the noise and get a single query on life that is always what you would call peak experience.

Some mind bending and chemical engineering optional.