Got hit up for a kickback. Help support the homies, threw out a few invitations. Important to have mixed company, keep things exciting. Show up first of course. Smoke the spot out, get started on the drinks a bit early.

Folks start coming in. Teacher, model, actress. Friends of friends. Everyone’s welcome. Pair up, take the gifts that come in. Some good taste in wine from the homegirl. She’s got a few of her crew rolling over soon.

Light up some more. Get to talking about this and that. Working the groups, making sure people know each other. That girl is from downtown, this girl lived in the arts district, you two would get along. You get the idea.

Conversation going up. More people falling through. They bring wine and trees. Good friends. Homegirl’s friend is here. Tall, hair, laugh, we’re vibing. Take her around, introductions. This one and that one. Gracious host all the way, it might as well be my spot. Drinks are flowing, people have gotten to know each other and are comfortable now. Smoke’s in the air and the music is up.

Get started on the dancing, push a few people to the floor. Lights go down. Girl can dance. We work it for a bit, break it off, hit up the rest of the party again. Our mutual friend is about to dip. I send homegirl off, I’ll take care of her friend, no worries. Back to more fun things. Roll a spliff, hit the porch out back. Burn that and then it’s basic questions. Where we headed next?