Particularly effective way to carry out any of your extracurricular activity is to not put it in the headlines. Couple reasons for this.

1. If you don’t say anything, no one can know anything.

The less you talk about things, the less she can know and verify as fact. What goes down with you stays with you, so she can only ever hear rumors about what you’ve been on. Rumors are shaky and you can always spin things how you want. It also means that she will start to blow things up in her head.

2. You can catch snitches

When things are leaking, there’s only so many people that can know specific things. If you hear about some stuff that you didn’t let slip, then you have a pretty good idea of where that came from and can take appropriate action.

3. Chicks value discretion

A little know side effect is that girls will understand that you keep things on the low and appreciate that as a “feature” of your interactions. She doesn’t want her exploits to get back to her group of friends cause they will judge her. If she’s got another guy around somewhere, boyfriend, husband or otherwise, it makes more trouble for her if she has to worry about other people finding out.

Aside: A con of this is that chicks will often try to Iso you so that they can take it one-on-one. When it’s just you two then she takes it to the hole. This can fuck up your time and your cash, but I always Swat that stuff and get on with business.


The real key is that the less you let get out there, the less you can have coming back around on your head later on.