Underappreciated move in when you’ve been capping a girl for a good bit is that you need to get some distance in between you and her on the regular.

A good way to do this is by sending her off to events or other things as your rep.

At some point after she is mad down for you, she will start asking whether she can go to this thing or that thing. Now typical wack move is to say No or to say Yes but hate the thought.

The actual play is to say Yes because you need some time to yourself and having her run out with her girls is actually a Great Idea.

A lot of guys are sick at the idea of their girl going out but it’s mostly because these cats don’t have anything else going on.

At the higher levels, you’ll actually suggest that she nights with her girls.

This is a good way to head off any Chance Encounters. I use this all the time to make sure I don’t run in to a girl at her favorite restaurant when I’m there capping on another chick.

It’s very simple. Just drop something like “Oh there’s going to be a sick party, exclusives only, tomorrow night on the South Side, I’ll have my boy put you and your girls on the list.”

Chick will be like “You’re The Best.” Meanwhile, you can set up with that other girl at the spot in the North Side and everything will be gravy.

Just make sure you actually have the connects so that your girl and her friends don’t hit a Hard Door and end up back on the North Side while you’re doing your thing. A Cat Fight, while it may boost your reputation in the joint, is not a good look when you’re just trying to throw down some Bordeaux and kick back.