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Sometimes you’re going to have to talk someone off the ledge. That could be a client that is making some noise, or it could be that girl that thinks y’all are further along than you actually are.

Best way to do this. Start by agreeing with everything. All of the things they are saying make sense. Doesn’t matter how off the wall, agree first, leave anything else for later. Once you’ve agreed then you can add back in whatever it is you want to say. It helps if you throw in a few things that link your next words to the issues the person raised.

Very simple stuff when you get down to it.

The biggest thing is that people want to be heard. Big human need that doesn’t get fulfilled very often. So as long as you make someone feel like you’re hearing them, they’ll listen to whatever it is you have to say.

A lot of the time, they’ll go along with you after even if you agree and then offer a solution that goes against everything they just said. They don’t care about the content, it’s just that they want to feel heard.

Another good way to do that is by saying back whatever the person said with a “So what you’re saying is…”

Mad straightforward.

Try this and watch people come around to your side of things.


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  1. Diece

    Good shit man, I have a tendency to disagree with someone and then try to convince them why what I’m saying is correct. Creates a lot of resistance.

    That chick in the header is a fucking bad bitch.

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