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Dope Game in the Dope Game


End Game type things is that you want minimal work maximum output. In biz, you own a bit of this in that, spin up a few things here and there, then set people to work for X-Y% of whatever you can sell the end product for. You scale it by throwing more people or giving them some tools to improve output.

War Machine - Cash Rules Everything Around Me


If I’m running biz stuff, CASH is the ultimate End Game with some Virtue thrown in for good measure. When it comes to Seducing Mad Fly Chicks, the system needs to switch up a bit cause the end goal isn’t so focused.

Mostly that’s cause guys don’t know what they want and even if they’ve got a vague idea like “get more” or “get better” or “get The One,” they haven’t refined the specifics enough to put something in place.

Let’s say though that you did get some Whys in your head and you want the basics. Access, so you can go where you want. Choice, so you can pick whom you want. Flexibility, so you can do all of this whenever you want.

The questions then becomes… How?

You should always work on some basic happiness factor stuff first. Get your Money right. Do whatever you need to do for fitness, diet, style stuff so that you don’t look like a slob. If you’re not sure if you look like a slob, then you look like a slob.

Looks, Money, Style jazz is all easy shit. The important piece is to start today cause it all compounds. Stack your paper bit by bit. Hit some reps on the regular and grab Fits when you find a good deal.

That is all part of Coming Correct.

From there, it is all about the day to day.

Set yourself up for social situations and get your work in.

That means

Morning commute and routine puts me around people. Mass Transit, morning Espresso, or Gym. Preferably all three. Default state is to Mingle and chat people up. Friendly, morning chat brightens people’s day and gets them off on a good foot. They deserve it, I deserve it.

Mid-day I spend making Calls, Closing or Taking Names. I might make a house call or two. Grab lunch and it’s the same thing as Morning Routine shit. Get around people, chat, eat, preferably with Company.

More Cash moves in the mid-afternoon, though I picked up a habit of throwing in a Siesta when I was staying in Barcelona. I close out the day strong. This is usually when I start throwing a few back and making some follow up Calls.

If there are events on the Docket then I’ll hit those in the late evening. Otherwise, it’s a stop by the local lounge for another 12-year or three, then dinner, in or out depending on the mood.

That all seems simple enough but the devil is in the details.

I’m always throwing out Bait and working for a Hook, especially if there is a Fly Girl that I run across during the course of the day. The point is to regularly flex the social muscle with some sparring and then you are always ready for a Main Event.

If I get a Hook, then I’ll figure out logistics and a plan. Typically because I’m busy in situations it means crunching a number and setting up some kind of plan for Later.

The Plan is always dependent on my schedule and what is going to make the most sense for me. I’m never ditching checks for a girl, but I will work her in to a before or after scenario if it makes sense. Otherwise she gets a convenient time slot, usually dinner or drinks, but occasionally it’s Lunch or Breakfast. But if in the Moment, I’ve got time and she does too then we can always keep things flowing.

Also I don’t discriminate much between biz and social, switching it up based on the best context and what is going to work well for me. I’ve passed on Mad Fly Girls to get a check from them instead. What that means is that in an average week I’m running a couple hundred social interactions. Those funnel down in to biz deals, time to kick it with chicks, and a growing social circle.

Over time the idea is to increase the share of these interactions so that it is mostly Fly Girls. I’ve also added more of the social circle component in as time goes on. When I first started this stuff it was mostly running 1 on 1s with chicks, not going after deals or groups, but I’ve been finding better opportunities by going 1 or 2 jumps deep in to a network instead of just picking off the first one I run across.

From there I optimize and tweak for results. Usually that means throwing in a few experiments on the regular and hitting new places on the map.

The Pros of this kind of approach is that I can spin up a good party or social situation with Fly chicks on most any day of the week with minimal lead time. To stay booked I usually look a week or so in advance, but there is always Free Time to take advantage of Serendipitous Encounters. So far I haven’t found a Con to this approach except for the one connect I made that is running a Monte ring.

Get out there.


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  1. BasketBounce


    Working on my paper now, and I will be for a while.

    Money definitely comes first. You need money to take action.

    Also agree with getting started socializing early. Bus, metro, gym, all good options.

    These things do take time. You mention that with the aspect of compounding.

    You need money for a flat, the uber, the cover at first…but after doing this for six months, you nightlife/restaurant staff starts to recognize you. You dap the bouncers and get in for free. Bartender sees you and immediately gets you a shot.

    Of course you’re rolling with girls (even if they’re not dimes…yet), and you introduce them to staff. It’s all love out here.

    Staff sees you bringing people to their establishment, sees you having a good time — now you’re getting invited to stick around and hang out afterwards. After party invites start to fill up your inbox.

    And it really does compound from there.

    I get your general vibe, Black Caesar. 100% co-sign. Always mingling, always looking for opportunities, and always trying to make stuff happen.

    Money comes first doe!

    • Caesar

      Yep that’s it.

      The compounding is real out here.

      Now it is to the point where connects from my connects from my connects so that comped tables and bottle service coming in cold to a new city is almost a norm.

      Also it’s good to focus on Business, but also make some time for Pleasure. I pulled more when I was broke and coming up than I did when I had Cash but was overly focused on money.

  2. Geo

    Strong article man.

    Totally agree that Game works in synergy with making money and looking sharp.

    One question though, how do you tackle the “kinks” in your verbal game? I assume your verbal game is top tier now, but curious how you got to this level.

    Opening used to be tough, now it’s not. Getting a Hook is the problem now.

    Essentially, how do you tweak your system so that it becomes a system that brings results?

    • Caesar

      From the fundamentals (open, hook, iso, pull, close), focus on the area you’re having the most drop off.

      So if you open well, but don’t ever make it to a hook, then work on your hooks (like with curiosity gambit and other basic hooks).

      If you’re pulling girls to your spot but getting last minute issues or not closing then work on that specific part.

      If you’re struggling with hooks, take a look at curiosity gambits. Those are pretty fire and easy to work in to whatever method you’re running now to hook. Basically from the open you stack phrase that sort of force her to ask a question. I use something like tossing in a “I’m from out of town” or “it’s not like this where I’m from” then of course she always follows up with “oh really where are you from” and I’m in there.

      Once you’ve worked through the sticking point your total close should go up and then you can rinse and repeat.

      Even now with this system I tweak and refine constantly and always add in new ideas or test new things. Sometimes stuff works real well and it gets slotted in for regular use. For example, I recently added in a lot more non-judgmental frames to my stuff and that is killing it.

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