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Los Scandalous Q&A

Recently the homie wrote in askingĀ  about my experiences in Los Scandalous which was a major forming group for the Young and Upcoming Caesar. The west coast is amazing to spend some time so of course I broke it all down for him.

Here’s how I wrote back.

X Wrote:1. Is it as dope or as bad as some make it seem? Especially in terms of being a brother out there. My main pull to go there is lots to do, also high quality of women.

Don’t listen to the haters LA is great, especially for well off brothers that have their fundamentals down (i.e. can go out and spit and know how to get in with a good nightlife scene in a city)


Diversity of sistas and other women, lots of first generation girls from africa and middle east and europe. You can find pretty much any type of woman in LA. for sistas you’ve got everything from hood ratchet girls to upper crust african princess chicks from the hills. seriously though like in ATL there are some really wealthy black families and girls out here can come from old money. Also lots of first generation girls who have money back in Africa. Also you can get your hood chick fix if you want as like ATL there are those areas and also just your regular middle of the road black girl is around in spades.

Beach life, mountain life, outdoors, fit people. People are in to fitness and outdoor stuff if you like that. lots of scenes around beach things. i.e. surfer babes and other venice type boardwalk alt chicks that skate if you’re in to that.

Sun and climate – basically nice year around, never rains, LA is not super smoggy any more except certain times of year when you get no weather at all. Very very occasionally super hot but usually amazing weather. Note: people will list this as their favorite thing but that’s because they don’t get out much.

Pockets of neighborhoods – most people would list this as a con but really it’s good because you can own your hood if you want and also don’t have to worry too much about running in to the same crowd if you go cross town. i.e. you can run girls in different areas with little mess.

Good high-end and low-end scenes. you can get out to major upper high life spots where basically you run in to celebs on chilling in vip as a regular thing. if you’re in that scene then it’s not rare to run in to any A lister, lots of B-D list celebs and then you have basically all the extras in the entertainment industry out there. On the low end you’ve got all kinds of underground scenes from all your usual rave EDM stuff to house party stuff. lots of connector dudes out here that are good to know.

Also in general California is an amazing place lots to do that is close and LA is main hub for travel in California. i.e only a few hours car or plane away from the Bay – 1 hr plane, Vegas – 1 hr plane , San Diego/Tijuana – 2 hr drive and lots of sights and scenes – malibu – 30 minutes from LA with amazing beach – Big Bear and other mountain sports type stuff which is good in summer and winter etc etc.


Some guys get discouraged by this but I tend to like it so I list it as a Con here:

All the entertainment and celeb comes with all the hangers on so lots of princess girls that are on the take or have ballers and what not in their phones. this isn’t a big deal if you have Game but basically LA is actually SMALL as far as the scenes go. like I said, if you’re in certain scenes you will run in to name branded people and lots of lower list types so it is not rare to be “competing” against these kinds of guys. with Game it’s easy enough to get in and be on the same side so to speak and a lot of these dudes are mad chill and many don’t have that much Game and appreciate you tossing them a few girls. This is also why guys complain because you can not get away with flashing cash in LA because the high-end girls already have private jet dudes hanging on to them.

LA trends towards the superficial so even though people are nice you will meet A LOT of folks who are basically glamour head shot versions of themselves and not REAL people. I don’t know how else to explain it but there isn’t really another town where you can run in to people that basically treat their life like Reality TV as well as actually run in to the Reality TV crews in real life filming at the Grove. There are plenty of dope people in LA to be sure and certain scenes are better than others but the superficial LA stereotype is there for a reason.

It is not a huge deal if you are trying to hang out there for a bit but it is never a place that I considered staying in long term even though I came up there, I had always knew I was going to leave and I don’t plan on going back to live.

X Wrote:2.Is it possible to live in a decent area, nothing too fancy, for under 2k a month?

If you are talking 2k to spend on rent then you will be good and can get set up with a decent to nice spot in pretty much any area of the city – with some caveats. It’s better to start looking sooner than later. if you’re staying downtown then you should be good with that to get a 1br if you shop around. I would recommend staying DTLA, but if you wanted to be on the west side you could probably find something in west Hollywood or even Santa Monica for that, also Sliverlake and Echo Park area which is closer to Downtown. you could get a nice nice spot if you go out to the burbs a bit but I don’t recommend that if you want chicks you want to be centered on easy access to going out to your favorite spots.

X Wrote:3. How’s the racism out there compared to the south?

Not bad really. There is a bit of a divide between where everyone lives (i.e. rich white folks live in certain areas of the hills vs the rich black folks). People are generally chill with that stuff as it is pretty diverse otherwise though and you’ve got all different types up and down the social scale. I don’t worry about this in LA other than getting stopped by the cops but have always found brothas to be the WORST when it comes to LAPD go figure.

X Wrote:4. What’s your experience been gaming other races as a brother?

I never had any issues my crew never had any issues either. My njia homie cleans up with the white chicks out there. I always cleaned up with white girls and others. LA is very diverse and people are generally down even between groups outside some very specific niche like Jewish-American Princesses or upper crust Persian girls (though you can get plenty of both if you know what you’re doing).

X Wrote:5. I heard there is public transit, how accessible is it?

You can use transit to get to and from work assuming you live and work close enough to the main lines. don’t get the bus, you gotta be on the main tram line if you want to make that stuff work. public transit as a whole is pretty shit in LA though other cities like ATL is not much better and more or less comparable. It is getting better but still not great in LA for that stuff. If you don’t have a car you won’t really need to go anywhere except downtown to go out as the scene there is good and you can always Uber to go out on the west side which is what you do anyway even if you have a car.

X Wrote:when IĀ  go out, i’d like to be hitting on stunners but I heard LA has plenty of them.

Yeah man you should do fine.

I ran all around that scene for a long time so def hit me with any other questions you have.

Dating Models

Guys are asking, “what’s it like to date a mad fly girl that walks in fashion week and is shooting covers and billboards?”

First off, if you’re trying to cap on a model broad cause she is fly and she will look good on your arm. Don’t. They are way more trouble than they are worth most of the time. I keep a few around for this and that, but otherwise, get yourself a nice regular fly girl. Date a dancer or your local weather girl. Seriously. The model thing is a big pain in the ass that guys only do cause they are trying to get some validation from their social group.

But say you ran in to a chick while you were hitting the streets the other week and it just so happens that she is signed and on the board.

Some things to know.

1. Models are busy as fuck

These chicks are always out doing things. They’ve got shoots to go on, which take forever and consist of her sitting around shooting the shit on her phone before she gets 10 minutes to pose and shit. Then she’s off to the next one. These chicks are out doing castings on the regular. That’s when they get to sit around and wait for a rejection from some casting director. Model chicks also get invited out to club events where they aren’t paid to sit around and look pretty while the promoter who invited the girls out collects a cut of the bar. Getting a theme here? Models are pretty much sitting around not doing shit, but busy, all the damn time. You’ll need to work around that, but since you’re a guy with a bunch of other stuff going on that shouldn’t be an issue.

2. Models get hit on all the time

This goes without saying. If your girl is a fly model chick then every herb and scrub this side of the date line is going to be hitting her up. Usually these cats are doing things like dropping in to her DMs on Twitter or leaving comments with Emjois on her Instagram photos. You’re not doing that shit obviously, but you gotta be aware that cats are always looking for the come up. She doesn’t give two fucks about these guys. The more that are after who though the better her numbers look so she leaves the dudes around. There are also guys that will hit her up out on the street. She’s going to hear a lot of “you’re gorgeous beautiful” and stuff when she’s out walking.

3. Models take pictures

Seems like this kind of thing would be obvious, but there are times when a cat gets in to some kind of situation with a model chick, and then he flips out cause she’s showing a bit too much skin in the latest magazine. She’s going to take pictures, she’s going to book a gig, she’s going to wear a skimpy ass dress on the cover and she’s going to have teenagers in the UK busting one to that shoot. Get used to it. If you’re going to be capping on these kinds of chicks then you need to be cool with her showing out for the camera. If you can’t deal with that you can find a nice second grade teacher to hit up.

All that said and you still want a model chick then you just have to step hard to one. Get on that.

Basically the industry is a meat grinder that has lower rates of success than trying to get in the NBA.

That’s even if she gets signed to a decent sized shop.

Then it’s just hitting castings and getting rejected all week, and turning up to free booze and food events Thursday through Saturday where she sits with her girls and looks pretty at a table.

If you want to get in to the psychology of it:

  • She spends all day getting shit on and then has to go back to her dumpy apartment with 4 roomies.
  • Everyone is constantly gassing her up even though she is taking hard knocks to her self esteem on the regular.
  • She doesn’t have too much human to human connection cause people are either trying to user her for her looks or are treating her like porcelain.
  • Even if she is in the top .01% that makes anything in the industry, she’s always got a ton of hotter, younger chicks after her head.
  • If she’s over 20 she has to deal with 14 – 19 year old chicks on a regular basis who are dolled up to look finer than her and are getting cast for the better gigs.

That’s all stuff that a player can work with.

Bagging them is mostly about access.

Getting the right invites. Hitting the right events. Showing up at the right spots at the right time.

Volume through connections is best from what I’ve found.

They all know each other. I’ll be walking around with my girl and she’s pointing out ads and stuff like “oh I walked with her the other week”

There are shortcuts if you want.

One I used to play way way back was kicking it in the coffee shop across the street from Next in LA on open casting days. We used to cop digits for events and stuff that way. We used to do it at Elite too but Next was always better cause there was more foot traffic.

Mostly if a chick is going to an open call she’s going to get rejected off top so you the rest is up to you after that.

You could probably run that same play with a bit of info about where castings are.

If you’re looking for one that’s already in it then it’s just about hitting one of the parties where she’s the eye candy and working in that way.

A lot of the ones I know are with photographers or other people in the industry because of proximity and time spent.

If she’s really working and making cash of it then she’s gonna be busy all the time cause shoots are always at weird ass hours and take forever. If you’ve been to one you know it’s just a bunch of sitting around and shit without exciting stuff going on.


by Black Caesar