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The Easiest Groups

I’ve been running way more mixed groups by opening a guy in the group first.

Especially if it’s more girls than guys in the group.

Because it’s cake.

The dude either…

A) Intros you to the group

You’re in. Social proof by intro to the group. Run standard stuff from there.

B) Pawns off a girl on to you.

A lot of guys will intro you to a single girl in the group because they don’t want you to meet the girl they’re after and it’s easier to pawn sacrifice the 3rd wheel in the group. Either that’s the girl you were after or just stick around and talk to her until she intros you to the others or they get curious and jump in the convo. Gay guys do this a lot and often will set you up with the girl in the group that is most down.

C) Try and get rid of you.

If you just ramble a bit eventually the girls will get curious and either open you or make it easy to pull you in to the convo.


Guys that are protective of their group end up trying to keep you out by keeping you talking but the girls thinking just end up thinking “who is this guy?”


They are friendly dudes and will try and set you up with a girl in their group because the dude is trying to get some from her home girl.

So many easy buckets to be had off assists.


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  1. BasketBounce

    +1 to building rapport with guys in the group. I was out recently at a concert, opened up a mixed group and ended up dancing with the hottest girl in the group. Of course I got it on snap so that the plates could see.

    But converting that into a lay? What’s your next step after you have won over the group? Suggest an after party?

    Great content, Black Caesar. Keep posting my man!

    • Yo BB,

      Lota spam in the comments so just seeing this now.

      For me the most straightforward is to just tag along with her group until the night kinda wears down and the group naturally splits apart. Then you iso and proceed as normal.

      Faster way is to iso earlier. Usually by getting the groups blessing. “Yo I’m gonna go grab a drink with your home girl y’all want anything?” And grab her hand to dip.

      Important to get logistics early so you know who is who and where they’re likely to end up. If she drove an hour to the club with friends on a Saturday and has work the next morning then it’s just a lower percentage play VS she is there with her roomate who found a guy already and called dibs on the room so if she goes back she’s sleeping on the couch.

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