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Tokyo Pros and Cons


Indoor smokes at clubs and a lot of bars.

Fly shopping districts. High-end and low-end. Copped some good stuff for rolling out backdoors in the early morning on the low.

7am close times. Not everywhere, but plenty of stuff to get in to past sunup.

Zen gardens. Self explanatory for when you need a break from trafficking international.

Fresh fish.

Transit system on point.

Curious locals.

Fine mixed chicks when you can find them. Don’t ask where I found them because I won’t be telling.

Fine locals.

Style and swag. Stole enough ideas to last me through the winter here stateside. Street and business too. The suits the worker drones rock are all good except they’re universally missing a square to round things out. Easy fix. Pinstripes are coming in to my winter wardrobe for sure.

Working girls. Check.


Can’t think of any.

There was Bad English all around. Which I’m fine with, my Japanese is worse. I’m a quick learner though so I picked up a few phrases. You don’t need any language skills to chop it up if you know what you’re doing.

Look for Tokyo to be back in the headlines soon enough.


Long Lines in Tokyo


Nightmare on U Street


  1. Mace Tyrell

    Just discovered this blog today. Planning on spending 2-3 weeks in Tokyo sometime over the next 2 years.

    Happy to see it treated a Brother well.

    • Caesar

      Japan is dope. Completely different vibe.

      If you plan well you can hit there for a month like a Gawd for 3 or 4 stacks. If you bring more it will all go to Bape anyway.

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