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Month: February 2017


So let’s say you’re in your gig. Doing well for yourself. Got a bit of leverage, got a few folks working the block.

But there’s that one cat. He’s got it a bit better. Say you’re running three stacks a week, he’s running five.

Real answer from the street is to work him over. Cut off the supply, bust on his minions a bit, make life difficult.

Eventually the dude will throw in the cards. Or he’ll hit back.

That’s in the streets.

If you’re working with him at the 9 to 5, maybe you give him a little big project. Something he just can’t quite chew. Throw that down and make sure things blow up big in front of the decision makers.

Same principles.

Situation comes up when you’re out running the block. Sometimes the honey that you’re working towards at the spot is already posted with this dude or that due.

Running different styles there, but a lot of cats are going to chop it up and try to make nice.

Really it’s about gauging the situation. Maybe he will throw you a bone. This chick is his and that chick is yours.

But if you need to get him off the set. Come in swinging, just disregard any of that social shit. Drop a bomb here bomb there and then bust out with the chick in the middle of the flames.

Common denominator is that you’ve got to come in hot. No half stepping.

So all that said, story time.

Posted at the spot a while back. Swirling a Spanish Red, half the bottle gone. There’s folk milling around, little birthday jam going on at the bar across the way. Step over there, make some small talk. Figure out the host and the birthday girl.

One chick stands out. She’s dressed up, the vibe that it’s a bit nicer than she usually rocks. Rocking this silver dress. Hugging the right places. Light skinned but from out the country. Something a bit more exotic.

So of course I roll. Line up smooth, chat this and that, she’s feeling your boy.

Guy to the side, was in the convo before apparently starts to pop off cause I had stepped in his stuff.

A word or two. Digits and no more talk from the herb.

Let them talk, just make moves and hit hard.

An Idea

Here’s an idea:

Go out.

Approach and pull some women.

Smash them out.

Your brain will rewire itself.

There aren’t any shortcuts to feeling good approaching, you have to just do it till it’s fun cause you can successfully pull.

Bay Area Blueprint

So I’ve pretty much burned the bay down and I’ll be out to new places so going to drop the 100% pure straight dope on THE BAY AREA over here for your pleasure and enjoyment.

So what are we working with here. Below is the best sheet on how to rock THE BAY without issue. Only other thing you will need is GAME.

San Francisco aka THE CITY

If you’re rolling high end then you’ve got a lot of places to choose from here. There is a very very good high end scene with plenty of places to go out and cap on chicks as well as places to eat and drink. There area few centers of activity that will do you well.

Press Club

Straight dope. This is where I typically operate from both to cap and to bring chicks to bounce around for the rest of the night. The layout makes it easy to circulate and run like three or four groups at a time. They only have wine and beer. There are three really solid restaurants right next door.

I’ve done a bunch of bouncing between all three with and without chicks and is just such a straightforward venue swap that it makes it easy for you.

Weekend crowd here is nice as well and they’ve got a good deal on bottles Saturday before 6.

82 Proof

This is dipping out of the straight high end a bit, but still a solid place to roll to as long as it’s in the “happy hour” times. This is like the Salesforce bar, swear I meet three new people from Salesforce every time I go there.

The View

Did this with a chick and it was pretty wack. Not my scene.


Do this with a chick if you’ve got the cash and you know your wine You can run a few courses and a bottle or two. Bone marrow dish they had here was fire

Local Edition

Down the stairs “speakeasy” type place. The layout is kind of weak but there is usually a solid crowd here. Small location so easy to burn this place down and then bounce. It’s a good jump off location to or from Press Club.

Ginto Izakaya

Solid sushi and grill if you’re in to that.

Pabu Izakaya

Higher end version of Ginto.


RN74 is better, but this is still a solid french spot. There are a lot of french tourists in the city.


Solid for italian on the higher end.


Off the Embarcadero. I tend to like the Izakayas more.


Come here with clients all the time. Drop mad cash. Never ran this place with a chick cause it’s a bit isolated from my usual second locations.

All of those spots will give you some good stuff to work with, especially on the higher end side.

If you want other high end stuff to do then you’ll want to hit the Marina though the Marina is kind of fake high end. You can roll through Stock in Trade, A16, Belga.

If you want frat style stuff then hit the Marina on a later week night or weekend night and run Union St and Chestnut St.

Pac Heights is solid for upscale spots. You can hit Filmore St between Washington and Geary for a good strip. SPQR is dope and so is Palmer’s.

There’s also some solid upscale by the ballpark. Saison is super super dope, Alchemist is chill, Twenty Five Lusk is decent. District is also a good spot I’ve got on major lock both the city location and the Oakland one. There are a few other places to hit between 4th and 2nd, on either King or Townsend. If there is a game then it’s always cracking down there and you can bounce around and get in to it.

More high end stuff in the Richmond and Sunset districts. Going to want to run Judah close to the beach in the Sunset and Geary in The Richmond (not to be confused with Richmond the city in the east bay).

I tend to stay around downtown cause these days I’m in the city for work and then kicking it with clients or in a fit or I’m out at one of my usual spots with a ting. I will always be running custom threads

San Francisco is not really a suit city at all, so rocking one makes you stand out everywhere. I’ve probably made back the cost of my custom fits just cause of the extra clout that rocking it will give in the higher end spots of the city.

If I’m really trying to go out and pick up then it’s usually at a restaurant or hotel bar or one of the lounges.

If you’re going to flip it and hit the low end stuff then you’re going to want to go to completely different spots.

Hit Polk St. for straight hopping between spots. Basically a major strip of bars and other spots. This place is packed on the weekends but you can pull from off the street without issue and just pick off chicks that are roaming the street. I’ve tried running the same thing during the week and it’s a bit slower but still have people out. You can run from Geary almost to Lombard and have a spot every other storefront.


This is like a “dive club.” Basic bar layout with dance floor. Plus is the smoking room. Small spot but packed on good nights and easy to pull from here.


Upstairs next to Vertigo. Cider house. You can start here if you’re with a chick. It’s got a dope view of the street below so you can scope what’s happening out and when things are picking up.


Not my favorite place. Across the street from Vertigo


Hit this place up if things are cracking on the rest of the street.


Big ass sign. Usually popping off like midnight to last call later in the week and weekends. You can seriously pull out of here. There are also a bunch of other guys doing pickup here on a typical weekend. If you know what to look for you’ll see it. Some solid cats that run this place. There’s probably a cover if it’s good, but the key move is to lock down one of the bouncers earlier in the week and then hit that place up for free later on. It will probably be dead until like 11 so don’t come before then.


This place is solid. If there is music going on then you’ve got to finese a bit.

Kozy Kar

This place is weird. I usually end up cause I’m trying to cop some food down the street.

Harper and Rye

Solid spot but pretty far up the street from the main action.

I like Polk St. depending on what I’m feeling but really The Mission is more my style. My favorite spot in the city is actually in the Mission. Basically everything worth going to is between 16th and 24th on either Mission or Valencia. You can do laps on these streets and run street game or just pop in to spots.

Bissap Baobab

West African spot that also does Salsa on some days and other dance stuff in general. You can run a whole night at this place. Is a restuaruant until 10 then they pick up all the tables and open out the dance floor. Live music often during the week. This is the place to come to dance.

Beauty Bar

Next door to Bissap. Small spot but good layout for chopping it up. Dance floor in back and then long and narrow on the way there by the bar. Basically post up at the spill out to the floor and chop it up then pull a chick to dance. Pulled from here often.

Elbo Room

Really solid spot. Can pull from here too.


Ok spot.


Better than Delerium but still just ok.


Really solid depending on who is playing that night.

Grab food early at pretty much any spot with a bar and then bounce out to go dance. I go to The Mission to dance and pull chicks.

Some places I don’t really hang out. The Castro which is the gay district. Has some solid restaurants and bars. Noe Vally. I keep meaning to check this out but I’ve got my usual haunts already in the city and it’s far out. North Beach also has stuff going on. Somehow I end up back there at the end of a night a lot because of either the food or a chick that lives in the area as there are a lot of younger professionals there.

The city doesn’t have much in the way of gentleman’s clubs. All the ones there are around Broadway, but for the most part I’ve found them pretty wack if you’re used to going to them in bigger cities.

If you want to hit bigger clubs then San Francisco isn’t really your city but they’ve got some solid ones. Check out Temple, Bootie, Pura, Monarch, Mezzanine, or Grand. Infusion tends to play hip hop stuff, but otherwise you should expect top 40 and house type music and the comparable chicks. You should check to see who is playing and what’s going on cause depending on the spot and who is there the crowds will be really different. I tend not to hit the bigger clubs in the city cause if it doesn’t compare to a Vegas or Miami or even a Los Angeles.

The lower end venues that aren’t trying to be a mega club have always treated me better than big spots, but it depends on what your scene is really. There is also a big raver scene but that stuff changes up almost weekly so you should look for a group that is in that kind of stuff and then tag on with them or get info. EPR is an 18+ mini rave thing that happens in the city during the week, and I’ve hit that up a few times and pulled some.

If you’re trying to do stuff during the day then you can hit the streets and there will be a lot of people out, especially in the bigger districts. Hit Union Square, the Haight, Golden Gate Park (down by the bridge and the water), the Presidio (Chrissy Field), Dolores Park, the Embarcadero and the Ferry Building, or pretty much just bounce around the city and you can chat people up on the street. People in the city are pretty friendly and there are a lot of tourists so it’s easy enough to make conversation. Stay away from the tourist traps and you’ll be fine.

Oakland aka THE TOWN

East Bay side is more chill and generally laid back and I usually stay over on this side. There’s still a really good mix of high end and low end spots. Stuff is way more central than in the city and you can operate around a few key areas.

Generally Oakland is going to be cheaper and more laid back than the city and you’re going to find chicks that are in to different things. A lot of the folks from East Bay suburbs come to Oakland on the weekends and late weeknights so just check in for logistics.

Girls from the city don’t end up here, so I’ve made good plays in location arbitrage by pulling girls from the city in to Oakland early in the night. BART shuts down early so you can use that to your favor.

Telegraph is the main street you’re going to want to run on if you’re trying to go out.

Make Westing

Really solid. Good layout, sizable venue and close to all the other stuff going on. I will post out on the street with a grit and chop it up with people going by and basically hold court that way.


Off the main strip a bit but still decent place. It’s empty at weird times when the rest of Oakland is popping off which is something I never got.

Bar 355

Ok spot.


Decent spot.


Billed as a bar but they’ve got good music and run more hip hop stuff depending on the night. Pulled from her often. Cover is annoying for the venue but get in with the bouncers and skip that shit.


Down off Broadway. Depends on the night.


This spot is just ok to me. Down further than my usual locales.


Better than the one in the city in my opinion. Locked down heavy here. Perfect set up for working a room if you want to do that. Gets packed with mid aged black chicks late on weeknights and weekends.


Across the street from District. Also locked down heavy. Good for dinner before hitting a night out.

Bissap Baobab

Same deal as the one in the city.


I think they run drugs out this place cause it’s never open except for events and they are always remodeling. Been in here like twice.

There’s some more stuff up Telegraph in Uptown and further up around 48th.

If you’re trying to hit upscale for food then Telegraph will do you well too.


Dope joint with great whiskey.


Music here is often very good.


Solid mexican spot with good Tequila and Mezcal.

You can hit Jack London Square which has some dope stuff. Take a look at any of the restaurants down there, or Yoshi’s if you’re trying to do some music.

You can also hit over by the lake which has some really good stuff going on.

Lake Chalet

I avoid this place but always end up here for events.


Good for running day twos.


Not really my scene.


Another solid spot.


Solid French spot.

A Cote

Another solid french spot.

You’re going to want to center yourself around downtown or the west side of the lake. Try and get near a BART stop so you’re mobile in to the city without too much hassle.

There is shit ton to do in Oakland but you’ve got to get in to the scene a bit. Hit the farmer’s market by the lake on the weekends or just chill out there and chop it up with people and they’ll let you know what is going on that week. Cats over here are super friendly and probably smoking it up so run accordingly.

Berkeley is also something you should hit as there are some fine chicks on campus there and it’s a legit college town so you can make connections quick and then bounce out. I go to the gym up there so I’m always hitting up chicks when they are out and about during the week.

Check the centers around Telegraph next to campus or on Shattuck on the other side of campus. Obviously go with the more college centered style though there are some good high end restaurants up there I’m usually dressed down. Tripple Rock has a good crowd usually. Pappy’s and Henry’s are solid for sports and hitting up grad school girls, but if you’re really trying to run stuff just throw on a Berkeley shirt and hit up the tailgate on a game day during football season. The whole area pops off and you can run street game no issues.

On the topic of events make sure you hit some of the big ones if you can including First Fridays in Oakland which is a huge block party and Telegraph area by Make Westing and the other spots I mentioned turns in to a cracking party. Definitely recommend that. First Friday of the month, each month. There’s also always stuff going on in the city so look around or ask around and you will find shit.

Other cities in the Bay

Shit goes on and on. Basically you’ve got South bay with San Jose and the rest of Silicon Valley. Stanford is down there, etc. Mostly do this if you’re doing business as the spots down there are pretty wack unless you want to drop mad mad cash.

North bay is ok too. Lots of good high end places in Marin and other parts across the Golden Gate bridge, but logistics here are a nightmare.

Richmond is good cause of the Track and the Casino. Hit that if you’re around.

Don’t worry about East Oakland or the eastern suburbs. Nothing going on there.

General Notes on the Girls in the Bay

On the chick front if you’re running the usual good looking international playboy stuff then you will go far in the Bay. The competition here is generally week and doesn’t know how to dress and questionably yag so just having a bit of Game can get you in with most chicks here.

There are a lot of different scenes and the girls really don’t mix so you can run in opposite circles with few issues.

I am out a lot and girls are generally receptive to just chatting it up and I’m regularly blowing guys out and capping on their groups with little push back.

I run a lot in my usual spots and just cop numbers and run day twos. If I’m really trying to pull then I will hit one of the bigger joints on a big day and burn the place down then bounce right out to the spot next door. Work a whole street or area like that, and the Bay is made for those scenarios cause stuff is all clustered in specific areas.

There is pretty much every kind of girl in the Bay if you know where to go and what scene to jump in to. Lots of foreign chicks and Asians. Lots of raver girls and girls with tattoos and gauges. People tend to complain that there are a lot of liberal chicks here, but for the most part I’ve found that to mean more “tongue piercing and freak in bed” than “social justice warrior.”

There is a lot of general weak stuff here but that just makes it easier to stand out.

I’ve had a lot of success here and generally find that it’s easy to pull if you’ve got Game and you know where to go to get to a critical mass.

There are some really fine girls out and about and chopping it up during the day is actually a great way to pull some higher quality. Hang around the higher end scene for a while and you’ll run in to some seriously fine girls.

The colleges are also solid, Berkeley being my favorite but USF, UCSF, and SF State all have solid campuses where you can chop it up with chicks that are out and about during the day.

You’ll want to find some solid day twos and I’ve been doing a lot more of the slow burn recently cause I’ve got too much stuff on my schedule. You do not need to hit a restaurant for a day two at all. The great thing about the bay is that there is a ton to do without dropping cash just tell her “oh let’s bounce over by the lake and get some tacos” or “let’s run around downtown” and you can play it by ear if you know where there is stuff going on.

Generally I think that the Bay pays mad dividends for the player type both cause of the great scene overall with food and events and girls but also cause the business scene her is second only to New York in the US. Lots of new stuff obviously with all the tech land things but also lots of the major players in Finance and other big money industries.

Something Something

Going to throw up all the stuff that is better left for the discretionary audiences up here.

We’ll be chopping it up about Dope Game and The Dope Game.

The plan?

Well we don’t have one.

Going to just lay it on the way that works best. Straight off the dome into these fingers and blasted to your face.

Stay tuned.

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