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ATL Step By Step

Have been getting that flight itch, so went ahead and pulled the trigger on a few days in the A.

One of the spots I love to kick it for a long week, throw back some Southern Bourbon, smoke grits, and cap Fine Black girls With Southern Accents.

Here’s a quick single-day blueprint for getting in some solid action.

1. Get in some laps during the early afternoon

Could be Lennox, or Phipps, or Atlantic Station, or Little Five Points, or just kicking it on Emory’s campus. Bust out some laps in a good location and crunch numbers for later. I’ve been partial to hitting Buckhead for this and coping something from the Canali store. The plus there is you can hit on the fly floor girl and also pick up some fresh threads for the collection.

2. Set up a few dinner slots

Underrated move that plays extra well in a Southern Town like ATL, is having a few slots for dinner. So you have your early dinners with a few girls and the homie where you may throw back 2 or 3 Bourbon Rocks and some Light Fare. Then you hit the next spot on the solo tip and grab a mid-meal. Then catch one of your leads for dessert down the street. I usually run this in Midtown for easy next steps. A good run for this kind of thing is hitting the bar at Marcel.

3. Make the transition

Lots of good lounges in Atlanta. Grab up some and throw back a few more drinks. Preferably in the company of some fly chicks that you either pulled from dinner or that you number chopped earlier. You’re still early in the night so make some moves, but leave your options open. If you want to get in a quick cap before you hit the main events, pull a chick back from a lounge in Midtown to your spot for a quick session. For example, hit Little Trouble followed by Halo or Sivas.

4. Night sprints

So you’ve been busting it out at the lounge and people are starting to fill in. You’re going to want to make some decisions. If you’re like me, you’ve burned down the spot you are at and it’s time to bounce. I’m partial to hitting another lounge or two in Midtown, but there are also some fly upscale clubs in the A. Take your pick and figure out a set up that works for you. I’m on the kick back with a grit and a drink these days, so been bouncing out clubs with a few chicks to more calm scenarios where I can chop it one on one. There are a thousand spots to hit the late night tip in ATL. You can figure that one out for yourself based on your style. I’ve had good times at a bunch of the spots in the city. Midtown is good for stuff. Buckhead is good for stuff. Find a power center with a few joints to get in to and hit that. Just don’t go to Opera with everyone else who can’t find a better venue.

5. Finish strong

While everyone else is dropping off, you can make some final night moves. Great place to end up is at any of the A’s popping Gentleman’s Clubs. ATL is known for this particular fare, so make sure to hit it up. Magic City, is always a go to, but there are plenty. I try and get to a new one every time I’m in the city, but always return to the staples.


All of those hard moves should get you some good prospects. Close out hard and make sure to follow up on your leads. Atlanta is heavy with social scene, but light on Cats With Game, so if you roll heavy and follow the above to the Letter you shouldn’t have any issues.

Decision Points

Here’s something you’ll run in to when you’re out rolling around kicking Game and dishing out Smack to the faithful.

You’ll be posted up after the after party, time spent, dropping off an Ozzie to these two girls who cop on the regular.

You’ll come through. They’ll offer a hang and a bump if you don’t have anything better to do. Maybe, maybe not. You can kick it for a minute. Get in to the fresh and spin off talking about this that or the other with the girls.

Early on, the friend starts feeling your boy. She chooses up. We’re vibing. I’m chopping it up about some. She’s a Dancer. Lincoln Center, not Lincoln Road.

The friend makes some calls. Runs some referrals through me and I’m not going to complain about the Cash coming my way. They cut me up another and then confer in the corner. I roll up a blunt and we spark that.

I throw in some more and home girl comes up, “You know she’s in to you.” Devil in question comes over and sits down next to me after. They’ve decided.

Some other cats roll through, it’s a bit more of a function now. I roll up and roll around to get more connects. There are new folks to serve up so all those deals go down.

Shawty is in mid-convo but looks over my way. I roll over and spit a few spells before we hit the door.

Working Girls

When you’re out on the town making moves around the upper crust, you’re going to run in to “working girls.”


Say you hit a nice little rooftop fashion event to negotiate some fabric deals and cop some art. Roll in to the join custom fitted peaked lapels. Pure white scarf. Cold serving. Run a lap on the place, making sure to grab cards and put in some face time. Take your drink ticket to the bar and order a whiskey rocks. Girl, full sleeve, hair up and ice all over. I break that down. Somewhere mid convo about her being a plus one she drops, “You’re cute, but tonight is booked.”

Say you’re at a dinner, on invite from the homies. Stop by their spot after closing some deals, ready to kick back and blow trees. Mixed company and some stories are going around. There is a chick there in some faux fur and a choker. Silicon popping out her strapless dress. Topics get to travel and she goes, “The Emirates are fun.”

Say you drop in to visit a second cousin of your Rolly on a trip to The Continent. You all hit a private beach on the West Side and throw back Pils and Reefs. Posted at the bar in some board shorts and a Fitted T. Older cat is there and spit some Français about business. Chick rolls up decked out. They’re together but not. He heads out to the surf to spark a grit and she stick around. We get to talking real estate timelines and she offers to show me around with a, “I’ll be done with him soon if you’re going to be here.”

Sending Her Off

Under-appreciated move in when you’ve been capping a girl for a good bit is that you need to get some distance in between you and her on the regular.

A good way to do this is by sending her off to events or other things as your rep.

At some point after she is mad down for you, she will start asking whether she can go to this thing or that thing. Now typical wack move is to say No or to say Yes but hate the thought.

The actual play is to say Yes because you need some time to yourself and having her run out with her girls is actually a Great Idea.

A lot of guys are sick at the idea of their girl going out but it’s mostly because these cats don’t have anything else going on.

At the higher levels, you’ll actually suggest that she nights with her girls.

This is a good way to head off any Chance Encounters. I use this all the time to make sure I don’t run in to a girl at her favorite restaurant when I’m there capping on another chick.

It’s very simple. Just drop something like “Oh there’s going to be a sick party, exclusives only, tomorrow night on the South Side, I’ll have my boy put you and your girls on the list.”

Chick will be like “You’re The Best.” Meanwhile, you can set up with that other girl at the spot in the North Side and everything will be gravy.

Just make sure you actually have the connects so that your girl and her friends don’t hit a Hard Door and end up back on the North Side while you’re doing your thing. A Cat Fight, while it may boost your reputation in the joint, is not a good look when you’re just trying to throw down some Bordeaux and kick back.

Moving In Silence

Particularly effective way to carry out any of your extracurricular activity is to not put it in the headlines. Couple reasons for this.

1. If you don’t say anything, no one can know anything.

The less you talk about things, the less she can know and verify as fact. What goes down with you stays with you, so she can only ever hear rumors about what you’ve been on. Rumors are shaky and you can always spin things how you want. It also means that she will start to blow things up in her head.

2. You can catch snitches

When things are leaking, there’s only so many people that can know specific things. If you hear about some stuff that you didn’t let slip, then you have a pretty good idea of where that came from and can take appropriate action.

3. Chicks value discretion

A little know side effect is that girls will understand that you keep things on the low and appreciate that as a “feature” of your interactions. She doesn’t want her exploits to get back to her group of friends cause they will judge her. If she’s got another guy around somewhere, boyfriend, husband or otherwise, it makes more trouble for her if she has to worry about other people finding out.

Aside: A con of this is that chicks will often try to Iso you so that they can take it one-on-one. When it’s just you two then she takes it to the hole. This can fuck up your time and your cash, but I always Swat that stuff and get on with business.


The real key is that the less you let get out there, the less you can have coming back around on your head later on.

Soul Soothing

Sometimes you’re going to have to talk someone off the ledge. That could be a client that is making some noise, or it could be that girl that thinks y’all are further along than you actually are.

Best way to do this. Start by agreeing with everything. All of the things they are saying make sense. Doesn’t matter how off the wall, agree first, leave anything else for later. Once you’ve agreed then you can add back in whatever it is you want to say. It helps if you throw in a few things that link your next words to the issues the person raised.

Very simple stuff when you get down to it.

The biggest thing is that people want to be heard. Big human need that doesn’t get fulfilled very often. So as long as you make someone feel like you’re hearing them, they’ll listen to whatever it is you have to say.

A lot of the time, they’ll go along with you after even if you agree and then offer a solution that goes against everything they just said. They don’t care about the content, it’s just that they want to feel heard.

Another good way to do that is by saying back whatever the person said with a “So what you’re saying is…”

Mad straightforward.

Try this and watch people come around to your side of things.

A Pimp Named

Back when I was a lowercase G, me and the roll dog used to post up at his cousin’s spot. It was a low down after hours joint that where we would kick it and help move a bit of product.

This was back in the street time days when we were running around town way past dark and hitting the boards by sunup. We used to bump some sick nasty and jam mixes of the oldies paying out the 12s mounted on the wall. We weren’t doing much of everything, but we thought we owned the world.

There was a cat that used to post up at the spot. Always dressed down in some slacks. Fly kicks all the time. Crocodile leather accessories. Not decked out, just smooth.

We’d throw some his way and guy would kick back by smoking us out. Always had a different chick with him. The girls would hit, lay back and blow rings. Dude never spoke that much but they would jump. Never lifted a finger but would have the bar rolled and drinks in hand.

It was command, but easy command.

The girls were out. Not throwing it, but you always knew you could get it if you wanted. Cat offered a few here and there. Not straight out, but it was there.

We ran work out the spot for Summer before moving on to some better logistics. Every once and a while we would fall through and see old dude with his feet up smoking loud and having his girls fetch beer.

At that point I had learned to pick brains and got to talking about running traffic and the Game.

His perspective. You just tell people what you want, they’ll do it. Gotta be clear. Most people aren’t clear. But if you say it, it’ll happen.

So get after it.

Reading Ahead

Useful skill with fly women or with big cash is reading ahead.

Got to have that two steps. Quick example to illustrate.

Get a ring from a client. Big account, so it goes through on the second buzz. Of course there are some issues, some things to work out. Luck has it, I’ll be in that part of the world in the next bit so the easy move is putting some time on. Cop the dinner, smooth things over, we make some plans for later on in the month and we’re both on our way.

Of course, cause I’m suited and feeling good after tossing back a few and sparking up on the street out front, I hit the spot down the block. No rust and I intended to be in and out like a robbery. Walk in, dap up the homie in front and the bar tender, give la bise to the floor girl, grab a seat on the corner.

Post up, switch over to some darker stuff. Pop off at a shawty sitting a few seats over. She’s digging it, swap over to the chair next to her and she orders another drink. Little spiel about her work. She’s out on business, get the hotel name. She just got done with a meeting, nothing to do after. She’s mad cause her friend was supposed to meet her but flaked, nothing going on.

I drop some stuff about another spot that is cracking later on and grab another Bulleit. A few conversation pieces later and she suggests we go check out one of those other places. Yeah, the one that is supposed to pop off.

We get there, dance a bit. She can move, I like that. Eventually, we bounce. She’s been running around in heels all day, she’s got more comfortable stuff back at hers. We roll down the street and cop another bottle of wine and a corkscrew from the corner store. Her hotel is down the street. Wonder how that happened.

Bout It

Making all the days count. Always moving forward towards something better, something greater. Been out, coasting on E most nights after calling in the big dollars on the regular grind. Weeks of hitting the corners and pushing supply. Nights after that are always easy going.

But one day got a second to throw it down with the homie. We’re posted out back with a Backwoods and something out of Kentucky. Graduated from the earlier days of tossing product and have moved on to the other side of things, but old lessons never go away.

Get deeper in it and we’re chopping it up about this ting and that one, of course he’s always got new news. This cat has been chasing skirts since I knew him.

Anyway, I was dishing about stepping to a chick for the first time and it went something like this.

When you step to her, of course you’re going to come correct, but really it’s all about knowing what kind of shit you bring to the table. Me I’m all that, so when I hit her up, she can take it or leave it.

If it’s not fun then I’m going to get bored and she’s going to miss out on all I’ve got to offer. Best thing for her is to come along for the ride, let me sweep her up in my reality and then we can go off and do our piece.

For girls that are down for this kind of experience, they will let themselves go and really give in to it. Other girls push back but want to get won over.

As I get in to it, I’ll adjust to how she’s feeling, but in the first moment, it’s all about me and what I want. Then if she’s cool she can get more and I can enjoy the process of putting it on her. That’s a mutually fun and enjoyable kind of thing.

All that intent is in the initial step, when I drop my voodoo on the outset.

Social Calls

Well used way to keep your card full is to swing invites to some regular events.

That could be Sunday brunch with the fried chicken at the home girl’s aunt’s spot, or it could be a Seder spread. Key is to have some joints where you can drop in unannounced and you know you’ll see a few regulars.

This is good for keeping connects fresh. You’ll want to catch up on the news. Always keep an ear to the ground so you can dish a headline here and there.

Or go multipurpose and drop “Have you seen how the contractors have been performing out East?” Just nod along after that one.

Usually the host will try to throw a chick at you or the chick will throw herself. You can spin these to meet laters or just play it cool and cop digits.

You’re going to want to tailor these meets to your tastes. The idea of course is to max out on food, wine, whiskey and opportunities to chop it up with fly chicks.

Make sure you bring a good bottle of wine or 12 year with you to supplement. Depending you can widen the supply a bit.

Play it by ear. There are plenty of scenes to explore.

Get out there.

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