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Month: April 2017

Business As Usual

Every so often, because you’ve got a full social card, you will get asked out to a dinner that is more about Moving Numbers than Crunching Numbers.

You want to make sure to make room for these kinds of events. Luckily, they get booked early enough that you can pencil them in a few weeks in advance. It’s an advanced move here to make sure you’re booked for the upcoming weeks with these so that you have some convenient outs to dodge a dinner with a fly model chick and her wack friend that homegirl has been trying to set up.

Once you’ve got the something on the calendar, you’re going to want to put in a full day of deal making and capping ahead of your dinner so you are Peaking at the right time. This will involve scheduling some In-Persons, catching a Red Eye and going on No Sleep to a 8am Board Meeting to lock down a big contract. Then you could roll to serve up the Dominicana down the block from the spot you’re crashing who has been looking for the work. Then posting up since “you’ve got a bit of time on your hands” for a session. Then getting in some minor One on One action and crossing her up a few times before taking it to the Rack.

You’ll roll to your pad to check in and get Pieced Out. Drop in a custom fitted Dark Charcoal and Deep Purple tie and throw on some AEs. Knock back a few of the 12-year at the lounge down the street from your spot and put in some face time with another client who is a Regular there.

Don’t loose time talking business. Leave enough so that you can show up to the Event once it’s full. This is so you can hit the place with maximum effects. Get some intros to all the movers and shakers, make sure to drop seeds for later but have too many new people to meet.

Put everyone on ice for now as you make your way around. Get a drink in your hand. Preferably a Tempranillo. Make the rest of the rounds and get back to thank the host for the invite. Spend some time solidifying that relationship and making sure everything is good with the Account.

Roll back to some of the cards you dropped early and pick up anything you’ve got. Get in with a few Private Equity folk and some others that are looking in to Alternative Investments. Drop some knowledge about those topics and set up some other follow up meetings based on needs that one or two of the group have.

In a sense, events like these are compounding. You get the initial dividends of putting in face time with your group, but should also get some extra returns from any connections you make with friends of friends of friends. The benefit is that almost everyone is a Heavy in their own way, so you don’t have to waste time. The atmosphere is meant for Talking Shop, so come correct and expand the business is the MO.

After you make a few rounds, they’ll bring out the main courses, and you’ll cop your assigned seat. People take special care to mix up the tables, so you’ll likely end up next to even more business connects. This is on purpose to make sure the conversation keeps going. Extract the basic data from everyone about what they do, then start making connections.

The rest of the night should go in to a haze of wine and good conversation. At the end of the night, make sure to dap up your hosts and thank them for the good party. This will get you on the list for the next one. Do any last follow ups that you need to with the stragglers. If there happens to be a fly girl or two left then of course you will offer to bounce to the bar you’ve got on lock down the street. That is another story, for another day.

Glass Flows

Something interesting to try out. Layering in a bit of suggestive language. Really not that hard in practice. Flipping every day things with just the right tone to push the envelope.

Quick example. Posted up at a table. Somehow ended up there after rolling through the spot and peeping some of the crew. They were kicking it with some cat and his crew. There’s some folks I’ve seen here and there, but I end up pitching a lil curly headed shawty who is new to my eyes.

We get to talking about Cash and Favors with some other business twists. She’s in Finance so I’m vibing off of that and busting on her about being good at Math.

My crew is rolling out to the next spot so I grab the digits and say “We should get together soon.” I’m the picture of innocence itself. She says she would like that. I’ve got the follow ups, “Let’s do it later next week, I’ll be Out of Town until then.”

When I’m back in town it goes down like I laid out.

Try this out sometime.

Expected Upside

Funny thing you’ll notice.

Say you’re out with a girl. You’ve been seeing her for a while so she’s let it slip to a friend of hers that she’s “kind of in to this guy” and he “doesn’t say too much about his situation.” Of course the friend is bout to spout off some nonsense about how “this dude is not that great” and try to press the fly honey you’ve been feeling to drop your ass.

This is what we can call an Expected Upside.

Conventional wisdom says that you should be worried when a friend of your girl is trying to put you down.

What’s really happening though is your girl is called out to defend you, because really, she has to defend herself. She maid the choice to put in with you, so of course she’s going to take that side.

If you want to go deeper in to this, stack up on any side of an argument against someone. They will almost always take the other side. So you can go Left of a Liberal or Right of a Neocon and you’re going to be in for some fun dinner conversation.

Try this some time.

Your Beliefs Laid Bare

Here’s an interesting thing. At some point, you’re just a collection of all the beliefs that you hold. You probably aren’t aware of most of the underlying beliefs that run your day to day life. Something as simple as “everyone will drive on the right side of the road in America” is a thing that we all take for granted.

Those are the simple ones. You hold a series of increasingly complex and often contradictory belief systems that play out in your actions. Most people don’t ever stop to question these. You’re reading this, so you are a step ahead. Think about some of the deeper held beliefs that you have. Even something that seems concrete. Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t.

That’s the most interesting thing about beliefs. Very easy to change them. I’m sure you’ve had a belief, and then some circumstance caused you to question it. You probably went through a period of disillusionment, even anger. Eventually you moved on and now you can maybe look back at it and laugh about how naive you were.

Society for the most part, invested in keeping up beliefs that are useful to feeding Leviathan. Most of these go unquestioned. You load them up through early experiences and childhood shit, then act it out in the world without taking a look at that second level programming.

That’s why  your beliefs are so malleable. A little word voodoo and you can convince anyone to believe the complete opposite of what they did two minutes before.

Go out and try this some time. You’ll find that is much easier than you think to replace old beliefs with something more fun and interesting.

Flight Risk

Rolling on a late night flight back to the home town. Last leg of the day after an early morning. Closing out a massive deal and still feeling the vibe of that. The boardroom smelling of wood and the power. Making everyone bend to my will and sign on the dotted line.

Needless to say, I’m feeling great.

Post up at the bar and make some moves on the honey sitting in the seat across from me. She’s not having it, but we get to vibing and have some good conversation. Leave that to pop on the plane. Roll down the jetway, lit and a few whiskeys in.

Still feeling great.

End up kicked back in my seat, collar undone, a grit from earlier still on my breath, when there is a drop in to the seat next to me.

She’s older. No ring. Typing on her phone and trying to send out an email before they close the cabin door.

I let that simmer for a bit and knock out until we take off.

She wakes me up after we’re already well on our way to see if I want something to drink from the attendants rolling around. I end up ordering a Jack and some water and we get to chopping it up about our jobs.

Always with the mundane conversation, I’m more deadly. She gets to asking about my suit and whether I wear custom fits all the time and always look this fly. Of course the answer is yes. And I spit some more in her general direction.

Things are going well. The drink flows. I get a comped mini bottle from the flight girl who is peeping game and enjoying the show.

There is some history and a shared industry from a while back.

Eventually she ends up asking about the kind of women I like. Somehow we are on this topic. I always lead things to there inevitable conclusions.

Cop the digits but leave things with enough tension that I can pick it back up later.

A few weeks go by and we’ve been missing our connections. She’s in the air, I’m on the ground. And then we switch. Banter is fun, but I want to get back to a face to face. Eventually, we line that up for a week in advance.

Roll in to the spot and she’s dressed up nicely. Still older, but not looking her age. I can appreciate a mature woman. We get to talking while the bar cracks off with some live jazz. There is more whiskey and we run through the usual moves. She lives back across town, and we dip out after a few drinks. She picks up the tab. I tell her I owe her one.

I can see her wrestling with herself. I’m closer in age to her kids than herself. She just needs a reason. I give her one.

Pawn Sacrifice

I’m kicking it at one of my usual haunts. Posted up at the bar, decked out in full regalia. Coming off putting the finishing touches on a medium sized deal. Celebrating, but wanting more.

I roll around the spot and chat up some of the regulars and wait staff. Get an intro to a local heavy and offer up some goods for later. The place fills up slowly as the crowd turns over from the after work to the after hours.

I’m a few drinks in and spark up a grit on the patio, chief that, and roll back in side to the bar.

I hit up the bar tender and we’re chopping it up about the 12-year when these two fine sistas hit up the empty spot next to me.

I run the easy move, pawn the bartender, and loop them in to the convo and make sure they have their drinks.

Really very straightforward way to open because you’re just bringing in people to an old conversation. Socially, it’s hard not to respond to more than one person “including” you in a group. So by looping someone in to a conversation, you can lock them in for a thread or two.

This is why it also pays to have some velocity, because if you’re always chatting up folk, always hitting the stick and move, you can bring anyone in the area in to a convo.

Here’s another example, just so we’re clear. This time in reverse.

Posted up at an airport bar. Mad fly bartender takes my order, then goes off. I end up chatting up the guy next to me, and we get deep in to a convo about some sales techniques. When old girl comes back around, I pawn off the dude and bring her in to our conversation by sourcing her opinion.

You see how simple this is. Get out there.

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