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Month: June 2017

Database Selects

Here’s a powerful concept to leverage in your day to day.

You want to be able to select from the set of what’s presented from you in a way to maximize what you’re putting in and what you’re getting out. No use sending out a unspecified query because you will end up returning a bunch of unnecessary noise and that will keep you from getting in to what you want.

Instead, start being specific.

Some examples might be helpful to illustrate.

Maybe you put yourself in an environment that selects for large numbers of fly girls, with tattoos, that enjoy free expression and talking about Moon Phases while tripping off some engineered chemical. For good measure you can throw in some selects that make it easy for you to get a double digit return while still leaving time for some fun. Then maybe a select or two that gets your main kick it spot a central location for activity just this side of illicit.

That’s a complicated version.

Something simple is making your main haunt in the city someplace that attracts the kind of clientele that either Line Your Pockets or end up in your bed.

Eventually you can tune out all the noise and get a single query on life that is always what you would call peak experience.

Some mind bending and chemical engineering optional.

More Festival Digs

Continuing a few notes on the festival life because there seems to be a bit of confusion around, and it may make sense to answer some basic questions.

1. What kind of Stuff are all these folks on?

That’s going to change depending on the season and the event you’re posted at. At the very least you’re going to have all the typical floating around, which means some White and Green, mixed with some of your friend Molly. Then you’ve got designer stuff that some kid cooked up in a lab, tabs, every flavor of pill that is cut with something you probably don’t want to take, and stuff that is has more steps than the Tour Eiffel.

2. Where is the get down?

You probably shouldn’t roll to one of these if you don’t know answers to basic questions. But say you were to get air dropped in cold, cause you read the Bible and decide you’re out for a quick buck. Grab a copy of the schedule and figure out what kinds of acts will serve your serve best. Then book there, post up and make sure to chat up when you spark up. This is really simple stuff. Eventually you will have folks asking for the hookup cause they didn’t come prepared. Luckily you will have.

3. What’s good with the music scene?

If you’re in to 4 to the floor beats and drops then you will also be happy at the usual.

But here’s a funny thing. Cause festivals (with a few exceptions where you can catch your boy each and every year) cater to a upper-brow middle-class young White suburbanite kind of crowd, there are a lot of fire rap acts.

It’s one of those weird dichotomies in life. So you can catch acts like The 36 Chambers Crew themselves.

Is what it is. If you’re a fan of the music, you may be surprised to hear that the 18-year old white chick next to you might know the lyrics better than you and is throwing down all the explicatives.

That brings me to the final point.

4. What’s good with the fly chicks?

Here’s the deal. If you’re at a event with five figures, scaled down the age chain to accommodate at 18-25 crowd specifically, and throw in the unspoken activities, there’s not really any reason you shouldn’t be cleaning up. Toss this in with being a fine brother that has a height advantage and a smooth tongue. It’s only gotten easier, and I expect it to age like some Macallan.

What are the types. Once again depends on the specific crowd. But expect a lot on the fly side, most in minimal clothing, and an atmosphere tuned to pulling out emotion. Not to mention all the stimulus of a club environment, cranked to the 10th degree. It’s not really something to play around with.

Combine all that with handing out candy to strangers, which means a passive stream of good vibes that people are paying you to partake in. It’s almost not fair.

Straight From the Underground

While you’ll usually find me at the latest soft opening or hitting the lounge in a two-piece, one-button with a tie and a square, part of keeping on your toes and making sure you have Full Access to all that life has to offer is mixing it up and making sure to get your dose of the Other Side.

Occasionally that means taking a few days off the regular gig, loading up the truck with some of the crew, hitting the plug, coping a few stashes that will get you through the weekend, and then bouncing to a local festival.

We stumbled on these a while back, and have proven to be a ludicrous business that concentrates the demand in one area for a few days. Suitable for a captured audience, we jack the price and walk away with the bank to throw away on some other ventures.

The next level move here is not the festival itself. It’s the combination of professional and pleasure interests. These are kind of advanced moves because usually people feel the need to keep them separate. The pinnacle of combination that we’ve reached as society is Happy Hour, which is mostly wack and only useful for putting in time with the 9-5 crowd when you need to close some extra deals for the quarter or get an in at the company that is across the street.

Since we’ve moved past that in to a realm where most people don’t tread, there are some things that we’ve learned from long experience that may be useful to the entrepreneur working to make his mark at the local event space.

1 . Pick money

Figure out what you’re doing there and why. Since my first love is Green, and the second is Gold, followed by Fine Black Women, the main reason I’m ever at one of these things is to stack that cash. So of course that means the focus is business. Scope that and don’t loose sight of your reasons for being.

2.  Figure out your clientele

Ideally you have looked at the landscape or have a decent idea of where your customers are going to be kicking it. If not then you’re a few steps behind and probably want to get up on Game.

3. Make your pitch

Since we are Notorious like Biggie in the streets, we’ve got folks coming up to us to solicit, but when you are just starting out you’re going to have to make the First Step. A good way is with casual use and a quick intro to a “Connect” that is hanging around in the shadows.

4. Collect your earnings

The one con (and not the Big Shop that opened up down the street from my spot, no connection) to the festival deal is that there are too many opportunities to flash your cash and watch all the hard end scratch end up down the tubes. Get some discipline and bring your own drink cause that is a different kind of racket.

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