Ok guys here is an example of how even BASIC game will get you far in the Bay.

The other day, posted at Press Club… finishing off a few drinks with a client. He leaves. I hang around as the happy hour crowd comes through. Shoot the shit with the bar tender.

There is some kind of party going on at the other bar area (I was at the one in the back).

I finish my drink and grab my stuff to head out to another spot when I see a fine chick. Exotic. Dress that is showing off her body. She looks great. She’s with the party group but also looks BORED.

I fly by on my way out and jump in to the little group that she is in.

“Yo I’m on the way out but you look great tonight. I was thinking I should take you out some time.”

She’s surprised but she’s in to it.

The dude standing next to her also part of the group goes “dang dude kinda of a long shot play huh”

I ignore him.

“You seem like you like sushi. Let’s do sushi. Give me your number”

I pull out my phone. She types in her number.

A few days, some sashimi and a bottle of sake later…

This is what I mean when I say competition in the Bay is weak and it is EASY when you have Game. I don’t think the dude knew what hit him.

NO ONE is stepping to girls like that in the Bay so when you do it is almost always a WIN.

She confirmed over dinner and later that she does not get hit up like that at all. This is a pretty, single, exotic chick in the bay that is a young professional… Just goes to show how easy things are.

I use this same close all the time there and it PAYS OFF.