Have been getting that flight itch, so went ahead and pulled the trigger on a few days in the A.

One of the spots I love to kick it for a long week, throw back some Southern Bourbon, smoke grits, and cap Fine Black girls With Southern Accents.

Here’s a quick single-day blueprint for getting in some solid action.

1. Get in some laps during the early afternoon

Could be Lennox, or Phipps, or Atlantic Station, or Little Five Points, or just kicking it on Emory’s campus. Bust out some laps in a good location and crunch numbers for later. I’ve been partial to hitting Buckhead for this and coping something from the Canali store. The plus there is you can hit on the fly floor girl and also pick up some fresh threads for the collection.

2. Set up a few dinner slots

Underrated move that plays extra well in a Southern Town like ATL, is having a few slots for dinner. So you have your early dinners with a few girls and the homie where you may throw back 2 or 3 Bourbon Rocks and some Light Fare. Then you hit the next spot on the solo tip and grab a mid-meal. Then catch one of your leads for dessert down the street. I usually run this in Midtown for easy next steps. A good run for this kind of thing is hitting the bar at Marcel.

3. Make the transition

Lots of good lounges in Atlanta. Grab up some and throw back a few more drinks. Preferably in the company of some fly chicks that you either pulled from dinner or that you number chopped earlier. You’re still early in the night so make some moves, but leave your options open. If you want to get in a quick cap before you hit the main events, pull a chick back from a lounge in Midtown to your spot for a quick session. For example, hit Little Trouble followed by Halo or Sivas.

4. Night sprints

So you’ve been busting it out at the lounge and people are starting to fill in. You’re going to want to make some decisions. If you’re like me, you’ve burned down the spot you are at and it’s time to bounce. I’m partial to hitting another lounge or two in Midtown, but there are also some fly upscale clubs in the A. Take your pick and figure out a set up that works for you. I’m on the kick back with a grit and a drink these days, so been bouncing out clubs with a few chicks to more calm scenarios where I can chop it one on one. There are a thousand spots to hit the late night tip in ATL. You can figure that one out for yourself based on your style. I’ve had good times at a bunch of the spots in the city. Midtown is good for stuff. Buckhead is good for stuff. Find a power center with a few joints to get in to and hit that. Just don’t go to Opera with everyone else who can’t find a better venue.

5. Finish strong

While everyone else is dropping off, you can make some final night moves. Great place to end up is at any of the A’s popping Gentleman’s Clubs. ATL is known for this particular fare, so make sure to hit it up. Magic City, is always a go to, but there are plenty. I try and get to a new one every time I’m in the city, but always return to the staples.


All of those hard moves should get you some good prospects. Close out hard and make sure to follow up on your leads. Atlanta is heavy with social scene, but light on Cats With Game, so if you roll heavy and follow the above to the Letter you shouldn’t have any issues.