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So right now things are clicking on a formulaic level.

Party hard and do all the usual with the homies. These days the nights are turning into days and there is little sleep needed or to be had. Dance, cop digits and chat it up with anyone that looks interesting.

Then it’s all in the phone. Calls back and forth to set something up.

Then it’s a trip to the beach. And drinks. And some talking about deeper things and a feeling her out to see where she is at and what she is trying to do. Then it’s a bounce to a new spot, different beach. Some food maybe, maybe not. Maybe just another drink. Dancing now. Getting closer. Walk off to the waves and now she’s wanting more. Not shy about giving it to her either. End it all quickly because sometimes the suspense and tension is more fun then having everything you want on the first push.

More bounces, maybe another local spot, maybe a resto depending on the mood. I’ve been running longer plays so now I’ll drop her off and leave the rest for another day. It’s hard for her to make it past 3. At that point she wants a lot and is willing to ask for it.

So then after one night of the usual plays, it’s back to the spot and she knew it would be good but she didn’t know it would be this good.

Social Clicks

Just cause we’ve been talking about it, here’s a few examples of social circle game at work. 

Been kicking it with one of my friends here at one of the local spots. Think stoop drinking with all the elders and other folks in the hood stopping by to take a drink and smoke cigs. In general its a good time. 

So I’m chopping up with the older guys there and some females stop through. Introductions all around, they sit and chat with the group and light up. I start to talking to one and we hit it off a bit. Share some of my drink with her and just general light flirt back and forth. 

The homie and I bounce a bit later and she’s all “you’re leaving so soon you have to come back” and of course I will catch any time a chick is throwing it like that. 

Fast forward and next time I see him he’s like “home girl is in love with you” and gives me the digits. 

Spent literally zero effort on this whole thing because of how the situation was set up.

Another one. 

Hit one of the usual spots with my rollie. Between the two of us we know about half the people in the joint so we roll in and it’s a bit of a scene as we go around and dap everyone up. A chick I know grabs us to day hi and double cheek kiss greetings go all around. This isn’t a huge place so of course every chick sees all this go down. 

Later just dancing and vibing to the music I see home girl with a new girl. Second shawty is bad (the girls here are just so fine it is low key ridicolous) so I’m plotting on her immediately. Just pull a circle around the floor to come up from the other side and start chatting up my friend. She intros me to new girl and it is pretty clockwork textbook meet convo. We all vibe and then a good song comes on so I pull girl to dance. Of course my home girl is encouraging this and plays a bit jealous and possessive which only helps my whole case. Cop digits and it’s a wrap. 

All this to say that social circle stuff when it works out is pretty seamless.

Pushing Buttons

Emotional stimulation and navigating a girl’s mental blocks came up on another thread.

Until you get the basic idea and can run stuff unscripted, it may help to have some kind of basic gambit down and follows up. Run it a few times and then you’ll get the hang and then you should stop running canned shit cause it will put you in a rut.

The idea is to conjure emotions and feels in a chick and then get her to relate with the positive ones to you and any negative ones to other things.

You want to come up with one for yourself but I almost always play off location and travel cause it’s central to my life and I usually lead with a related curiosity gambit that gets her to ask where I’m from and why I’m here (did this even in the states)

Then it’s like

“You ever get ready to do something new and then just before you’re mad excited but also like a little nervous, that’s always my favorite feeing because the nervous energy is like a little sign that you are about to step outside your comfort zone and then it’s like yo you really need to do this. That’s how I feel about traveling and going to new places and meeting new people. I know it’s always going to be an amazing experience if i just step outside that comfort zone.”

Etc etc

Knowing some NLP type stuff and how to use language to get to feelings and how to anchor these to yourself and how to emphasize some words with embedded commands. Ya all helpful but not really required if you get the basic idea.

Then you want to get her to draw out the same vibe in herself so she matches it. Usually will do this by turning that whole sequence above back on her with cold read.

“Yeah I bet you know how that is you seem like an adventurous type / love adventure / try new things often / etc”

Then she agrees and talks about it some and you probe her (what they call eliciting values) a bit with some questions or open ended statements.

For getting around hangups it’s mostly about having some empathy and being able to see where she is struggling a bit because she wants the cool guy experience and to be swept up in that feel but sometimes she needs some help getting there.

Disregarding logistics and other meat space stuff to just talk about mental things. A lot of it is social frame stuff cause she needs to know that you won’t judge her, won’t put her in a bad situation, that she won’t have blow back to her circle and that you won’t be some clingy looser once she gives it up.

So yeah once you realize where she is at you can work with her to get past those together. And usually it helps to throw in some non judgement frame where you can talk about how guys are always judging chicks and it makes it hard for girls to open up and yeah you think it’s wack.

There’s way better info about this stuff elsewhere once you know where to look and a lot of it is low key overkill at a certain point but yeah it is fun to run.

The Bay Is Trash

Ok guys here is an example of how even BASIC game will get you far in the Bay.

The other day, posted at Press Club… finishing off a few drinks with a client. He leaves. I hang around as the happy hour crowd comes through. Shoot the shit with the bar tender.

There is some kind of party going on at the other bar area (I was at the one in the back).

I finish my drink and grab my stuff to head out to another spot when I see a fine chick. Exotic. Dress that is showing off her body. She looks great. She’s with the party group but also looks BORED.

I fly by on my way out and jump in to the little group that she is in.

“Yo I’m on the way out but you look great tonight. I was thinking I should take you out some time.”

She’s surprised but she’s in to it.

The dude standing next to her also part of the group goes “dang dude kinda of a long shot play huh”

I ignore him.

“You seem like you like sushi. Let’s do sushi. Give me your number”

I pull out my phone. She types in her number.

A few days, some sashimi and a bottle of sake later…

This is what I mean when I say competition in the Bay is weak and it is EASY when you have Game. I don’t think the dude knew what hit him.

NO ONE is stepping to girls like that in the Bay so when you do it is almost always a WIN.

She confirmed over dinner and later that she does not get hit up like that at all. This is a pretty, single, exotic chick in the bay that is a young professional… Just goes to show how easy things are.

I use this same close all the time there and it PAYS OFF.

Paris Pros and Cons

Yeah Paris. Gets lots of hate just about every where. What does your boy think? See here.


Smoking culture – no one is giving you side eye for sparking a grit as they would in lesser cities like Los Scandalous. Hell, even New York City is turning in to No Smoke City.

Fly girl culture – Paris has the Fly Girl culture. Run around in circles long enough and you will catch all the regular socialite this and that which makes up the upper crust of the world jet set crew. The girls know how to fit themselves. Just know where to look for this and it’s there.

Arts culture – nothing like kicking back out front some old building or garden or cemetery with a chick and a bottle of Cotês du Rhône and talking through life and death.

Party culture – Paris works hard and plays hard. Dawn comes around and the party is still going on and then there is still the day party to go to. 2-3 day benders are not unheard of.

Drug culture – Trees, snow, Pills, etc. Get at it if that’s your thing.

Mass transit culture – Le Metro. Enough said.

Food culture – yeah post up at any which spot on the street and get a good meal. Or hit any of the high end spots in any hood and have the chef whip you up the menu of the day. If it’s got a chalkboard it’s workable.

Foreign culture – Paris is the most visited city in the world. Foreign is nothing new to them. And it attracts the fly foreign chicks to live, work and play in the same way NYC does.


Except for the tourists getting taken for their change in Monte… non I can think of.



Don’t believe the hype. Get out there.


End Game type things is that you want minimal work maximum output. In biz, you own a bit of this in that, spin up a few things here and there, then set people to work for X-Y% of whatever you can sell the end product for. You scale it by throwing more people or giving them some tools to improve output.

War Machine - Cash Rules Everything Around Me


If I’m running biz stuff, CASH is the ultimate End Game with some Virtue thrown in for good measure. When it comes to Seducing Mad Fly Chicks, the system needs to switch up a bit cause the end goal isn’t so focused.

Mostly that’s cause guys don’t know what they want and even if they’ve got a vague idea like “get more” or “get better” or “get The One,” they haven’t refined the specifics enough to put something in place.

Let’s say though that you did get some Whys in your head and you want the basics. Access, so you can go where you want. Choice, so you can pick whom you want. Flexibility, so you can do all of this whenever you want.

The questions then becomes… How?

You should always work on some basic happiness factor stuff first. Get your Money right. Do whatever you need to do for fitness, diet, style stuff so that you don’t look like a slob. If you’re not sure if you look like a slob, then you look like a slob.

Looks, Money, Style jazz is all easy shit. The important piece is to start today cause it all compounds. Stack your paper bit by bit. Hit some reps on the regular and grab Fits when you find a good deal.

That is all part of Coming Correct.

From there, it is all about the day to day.

Set yourself up for social situations and get your work in.

That means

Morning commute and routine puts me around people. Mass Transit, morning Espresso, or Gym. Preferably all three. Default state is to Mingle and chat people up. Friendly, morning chat brightens people’s day and gets them off on a good foot. They deserve it, I deserve it.

Mid-day I spend making Calls, Closing or Taking Names. I might make a house call or two. Grab lunch and it’s the same thing as Morning Routine shit. Get around people, chat, eat, preferably with Company.

More Cash moves in the mid-afternoon, though I picked up a habit of throwing in a Siesta when I was staying in Barcelona. I close out the day strong. This is usually when I start throwing a few back and making some follow up Calls.

If there are events on the Docket then I’ll hit those in the late evening. Otherwise, it’s a stop by the local lounge for another 12-year or three, then dinner, in or out depending on the mood.

That all seems simple enough but the devil is in the details.

I’m always throwing out Bait and working for a Hook, especially if there is a Fly Girl that I run across during the course of the day. The point is to regularly flex the social muscle with some sparring and then you are always ready for a Main Event.

If I get a Hook, then I’ll figure out logistics and a plan. Typically because I’m busy in situations it means crunching a number and setting up some kind of plan for Later.

The Plan is always dependent on my schedule and what is going to make the most sense for me. I’m never ditching checks for a girl, but I will work her in to a before or after scenario if it makes sense. Otherwise she gets a convenient time slot, usually dinner or drinks, but occasionally it’s Lunch or Breakfast. But if in the Moment, I’ve got time and she does too then we can always keep things flowing.

Also I don’t discriminate much between biz and social, switching it up based on the best context and what is going to work well for me. I’ve passed on Mad Fly Girls to get a check from them instead. What that means is that in an average week I’m running a couple hundred social interactions. Those funnel down in to biz deals, time to kick it with chicks, and a growing social circle.

Over time the idea is to increase the share of these interactions so that it is mostly Fly Girls. I’ve also added more of the social circle component in as time goes on. When I first started this stuff it was mostly running 1 on 1s with chicks, not going after deals or groups, but I’ve been finding better opportunities by going 1 or 2 jumps deep in to a network instead of just picking off the first one I run across.

From there I optimize and tweak for results. Usually that means throwing in a few experiments on the regular and hitting new places on the map.

The Pros of this kind of approach is that I can spin up a good party or social situation with Fly chicks on most any day of the week with minimal lead time. To stay booked I usually look a week or so in advance, but there is always Free Time to take advantage of Serendipitous Encounters. So far I haven’t found a Con to this approach except for the one connect I made that is running a Monte ring.

Get out there.

Free Dive

If I told you that you could have the depth and connection that you wanted with your definition of a FLY chick, and she were to give you all the emotional and physical fulfillment that you desire, and you could get all of that by spending a few hours with her that passed with ease, you would jump at the chance.

If the thought of that makes you excited then you probably should look to understand Game.

Best illustrated with an example.

Wake up at 3pm and it’s Sunday and shinning and I’m piecing together the strings of last night from the empty bottles and roaches that are all around my flat.

As best you can recall it had involved lots of Whiskey at an after party spot in the Valley where I had run in to the definition of cool and sexy and silky smooth vixen sista who was speaking other languages in my ear and enjoying me until the early morning.

Now she was just a Vision and I headed out to grab food. I hit the local corner spot, dap up the Older Gs that are posted, and grab a breakfast sandwich. Throw down with the cats and Spit Game as per usual before rolling off back towards the spot.

Then I see Another Vision.

This girl, different from the first, but still exactly the Type. Seated, bench, kicking it on her phone.

Funny how life will throw you a good roll like that.

So of course I go talk to her.

Circle back, sit down. Check my phone. She looks over. I turn, say hi, tell her to take off her headphones.

But she’s too much energy full in the face and my usual stuff just goes out the window so I just Go Direct.

She’s flattered. There’s an accent. I grab on that. Of course it is French. And She’s French African. I break out a bit. But slowly, letting her pick up the pieces.

The questions start coming.

“How do you speak so well?”

Vague answers. She asks some more. I throw her a few bones. She’s fully in to this now.

“Why did you come talk to me?”

“Who are you what are you doing here?”

It goes on like that for a while.

I tell her I want to take her out. Tonight. I’ve got to leave the next day for business. We exchange numbers.

She asks if it’s a date and I tell her we are just hanging out. “No pressure”

She doesn’t like dates. She just had a bad one the other day. Guy was a terrible kisser.

This is a wide open shot and I’ve been hitting from range all day.

“I hate when that happens, but are you even a good kisser.”

She looks at me funny. We’re pretty close at that point. She opens up and I reward her for it. Pull back early. “You’re decent.” She goes for some more. Pull back again.

Then she is a bit amazed that it even happened. She says as much. And she bolts. She’s drops a “nice to meet you” and dips.

Things were going so well too.

I’ve got her number though. And when I get back to my spot I’ve got a text from the First Vision From Last Night. We circle around making plans. It gets later.

So I Call the girl from the bench. No answer, message, “yo it’s me from earlier, I’m still trying to take you out, hit me back if you get this and we’ll get dinner.”

I think it’s pretty Cold at that point.

The homies come through to blaze up and kick it while I’m in town.

Then my line goes off. She’s calling me back.

I answer. Of course the bros are trying to throw me off but I’m Smooth and Collected. Always.

She can’t believe we kissed earlier. She wants to go out. I tell her that we’ll do dinner at 8. She says we will meet at the bench. “Where we kissed.”

It is on.

Time comes around. I throw back some 12 year and post. She calls again. She’s at the park. I roll down and of course everything is straight edge. I am the picture of fly and she is as well.

She was fly before, but now it’s dress out, hair down, and it is Extra Fly now.

I’m low key playing it conservative and go for the double cheek kiss. But she goes in for more and that’s pretty much that.

Dinner is for us to enjoy. The spot is nice. The atmosphere is double nice. The owner is comping me a bottle just because he understands how Fly this girl is and how we are delving in the Night.

Topics range as the Conversation and the Wine flows freely. Three courses later and we are both full but light at the same time. The sign of a good meal. We walk back to the spot.

Upstairs things escalate quickly. She was Extra Fly with the dress but with out it she is the Most Fly.

Later after we are both worn out, she lays on me and we talk about life and love and the connections that once strangers can make.

“I just met you today but I feel like you know me so well.”

The Easiest Groups

I’ve been running way more mixed groups by opening a guy in the group first.

Especially if it’s more girls than guys in the group.

Because it’s cake.

The dude either…

A) Intros you to the group

You’re in. Social proof by intro to the group. Run standard stuff from there.

B) Pawns off a girl on to you.

A lot of guys will intro you to a single girl in the group because they don’t want you to meet the girl they’re after and it’s easier to pawn sacrifice the 3rd wheel in the group. Either that’s the girl you were after or just stick around and talk to her until she intros you to the others or they get curious and jump in the convo. Gay guys do this a lot and often will set you up with the girl in the group that is most down.

C) Try and get rid of you.

If you just ramble a bit eventually the girls will get curious and either open you or make it easy to pull you in to the convo.


Guys that are protective of their group end up trying to keep you out by keeping you talking but the girls thinking just end up thinking “who is this guy?”


They are friendly dudes and will try and set you up with a girl in their group because the dude is trying to get some from her home girl.

So many easy buckets to be had off assists.

Los Scandalous Q & A

Recently the homie wrote in asking  about my experiences in Los Scandalous which was a major forming group for the Young and Upcoming Caesar. The west coast is amazing to spend some time so of course I broke it all down for him.

Here’s how I wrote back.

X WROTE:1. Is it as dope or as bad as some make it seem? Especially in terms of being a brother out there. My main pull to go there is lots to do, also high quality of women.

Don’t listen to the haters LA is great, especially for well off brothers that have their fundamentals down (i.e. can go out and spit and know how to get in with a good nightlife scene in a city)


Diversity of sistas and other women, lots of first generation girls from africa and middle east and europe. You can find pretty much any type of woman in LA. for sistas you’ve got everything from hood ratchet girls to upper crust african princess chicks from the hills. seriously though like in ATL there are some really wealthy black families and girls out here can come from old money. Also lots of first generation girls who have money back in Africa. Also you can get your hood chick fix if you want as like ATL there are those areas and also just your regular middle of the road black girl is around in spades.

Beach life, mountain life, outdoors, fit people. People are in to fitness and outdoor stuff if you like that. lots of scenes around beach things. i.e. surfer babes and other venice type boardwalk alt chicks that skate if you’re in to that.

Sun and climate – basically nice year around, never rains, LA is not super smoggy any more except certain times of year when you get no weather at all. Very very occasionally super hot but usually amazing weather. Note: people will list this as their favorite thing but that’s because they don’t get out much.

Pockets of neighborhoods – most people would list this as a con but really it’s good because you can own your hood if you want and also don’t have to worry too much about running in to the same crowd if you go cross town. i.e. you can run girls in different areas with little mess.

Good high-end and low-end scenes. you can get out to major upper high life spots where basically you run in to celebs on chilling in vip as a regular thing. if you’re in that scene then it’s not rare to run in to any A lister, lots of B-D list celebs and then you have basically all the extras in the entertainment industry out there. On the low end you’ve got all kinds of underground scenes from all your usual rave EDM stuff to house party stuff. lots of connector dudes out here that are good to know.

Also in general California is an amazing place lots to do that is close and LA is main hub for travel in California. i.e only a few hours car or plane away from the Bay – 1 hr plane, Vegas – 1 hr plane , San Diego/Tijuana – 2 hr drive and lots of sights and scenes – malibu – 30 minutes from LA with amazing beach – Big Bear and other mountain sports type stuff which is good in summer and winter etc etc.


Some guys get discouraged by this but I tend to like it so I list it as a Con here:

All the entertainment and celeb comes with all the hangers on so lots of princess girls that are on the take or have ballers and what not in their phones. this isn’t a big deal if you have Game but basically LA is actually SMALL as far as the scenes go. like I said, if you’re in certain scenes you will run in to name branded people and lots of lower list types so it is not rare to be “competing” against these kinds of guys. with Game it’s easy enough to get in and be on the same side so to speak and a lot of these dudes are mad chill and many don’t have that much Game and appreciate you tossing them a few girls. This is also why guys complain because you can not get away with flashing cash in LA because the high-end girls already have private jet dudes hanging on to them.

LA trends towards the superficial so even though people are nice you will meet A LOT of folks who are basically glamour head shot versions of themselves and not REAL people. I don’t know how else to explain it but there isn’t really another town where you can run in to people that basically treat their life like Reality TV as well as actually run in to the Reality TV crews in real life filming at the Grove. There are plenty of dope people in LA to be sure and certain scenes are better than others but the superficial LA stereotype is there for a reason.

It is not a huge deal if you are trying to hang out there for a bit but it is never a place that I considered staying in long term even though I came up there, I had always knew I was going to leave and I don’t plan on going back to live.

X WROTE:2.Is it possible to live in a decent area, nothing too fancy, for under 2k a month?

If you are talking 2k to spend on rent then you will be good and can get set up with a decent to nice spot in pretty much any area of the city – with some caveats. It’s better to start looking sooner than later. if you’re staying downtown then you should be good with that to get a 1br if you shop around. I would recommend staying DTLA, but if you wanted to be on the west side you could probably find something in west Hollywood or even Santa Monica for that, also Sliverlake and Echo Park area which is closer to Downtown. you could get a nice nice spot if you go out to the burbs a bit but I don’t recommend that if you want chicks you want to be centered on easy access to going out to your favorite spots.

X WROTE:3. How’s the racism out there compared to the south?

Not bad really. There is a bit of a divide between where everyone lives (i.e. rich white folks live in certain areas of the hills vs the rich black folks). People are generally chill with that stuff as it is pretty diverse otherwise though and you’ve got all different types up and down the social scale. I don’t worry about this in LA other than getting stopped by the cops but have always found brothas to be the WORST when it comes to LAPD go figure.

X WROTE:4. What’s your experience been gaming other races as a brother?

I never had any issues my crew never had any issues either. My njia homie cleans up with the white chicks out there. I always cleaned up with white girls and others. LA is very diverse and people are generally down even between groups outside some very specific niche like Jewish-American Princesses or upper crust Persian girls (though you can get plenty of both if you know what you’re doing).

X WROTE:5. I heard there is public transit, how accessible is it?

You can use transit to get to and from work assuming you live and work close enough to the main lines. don’t get the bus, you gotta be on the main tram line if you want to make that stuff work. public transit as a whole is pretty shit in LA though other cities like ATL is not much better and more or less comparable. It is getting better but still not great in LA for that stuff. If you don’t have a car you won’t really need to go anywhere except downtown to go out as the scene there is good and you can always Uber to go out on the west side which is what you do anyway even if you have a car.

X WROTE:when I  go out, i’d like to be hitting on stunners but I heard LA has plenty of them.

Yeah man you should do fine.

I ran all around that scene for a long time so def hit me with any other questions you have.

Dealing with Ratchets

The thing is that I like fake nails on my back. This wouldn’t be the first or the last time. But the thought was just crossing my mind that I might as well give in to some of my baser urges.

It was always the ones that were going to cause trouble. Just pulling in these things for fun and then end up all enjoying riding certain highs a bit too much.

So that’s back to the nails thing.

I over debating it and just enjoy things for a bit. Not think about all the other possible complications. She talked a lot. Along with the nails. Lots of talking that I’m mostly not paying attention to. Snippets of gossip about her cousin who just stepped out on her man cause he was being a down low bum and fam was just tired of that. Throwing out a few choice questions and what not.

Girl things basically made for the gossip. It’s nails and gossip. And tattoos.

Choices maybe not always so great on my part. Earlier, choice to head out, late because the homeboy wanted to run an errand. Errand turns out to be picking up something off his cuzo. Who happens to be having a bit of a party.

Then of course choice to stay and hang out and maybe a spliff or two before leaving. Turns in to intros and meet so and so. Then choice to head back to the spot with a few old friends and some new ones.

And of course little ratchet shorty is feeling your boy.

Now usually I appreciate the girl that can hold work and also has a bit of a wild side and things. But I also know that there is a certain kind of girl that is more likely to have an ex that may or may not have dodged a case. So I slide digits and fend off a few advances and go to take my ass to bed.

But then there she is talking about tired and there was still some more tree that she had so why don’t we head to my room and smoke it. Then it’s nails and tattoos and gossip. More ink than I would have thought. But we smoke her stuff and also some of mine and then laid out on the bed to chat. And of course there is a choice to not just catch it if she is throwing things around like that.

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