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Database Selects

Here’s a powerful concept to leverage in your day to day.

You want to be able to select from the set of what’s presented from you in a way to maximize what you’re putting in and what you’re getting out. No use sending out a unspecified query because you will end up returning a bunch of unnecessary noise and that will keep you from getting in to what you want.

Instead, start being specific.

Some examples might be helpful to illustrate.

Maybe you put yourself in an environment that selects for large numbers of fly girls, with tattoos, that enjoy free expression and talking about Moon Phases while tripping off some engineered chemical. For good measure you can throw in some selects that make it easy for you to get a double digit return while still leaving time for some fun. Then maybe a select or two that gets your main kick it spot a central location for activity just this side of illicit.

That’s a complicated version.

Something simple is making your main haunt in the city someplace that attracts the kind of clientele that either Line Your Pockets or end up in your bed.

Eventually you can tune out all the noise and get a single query on life that is always what you would call peak experience.

Some mind bending and chemical engineering optional.

More Festival Digs

Continuing a few notes on the festival life because there seems to be a bit of confusion around, and it may make sense to answer some basic questions.

1. What kind of Stuff are all these folks on?

That’s going to change depending on the season and the event you’re posted at. At the very least you’re going to have all the typical floating around, which means some White and Green, mixed with some of your friend Molly. Then you’ve got designer stuff that some kid cooked up in a lab, tabs, every flavor of pill that is cut with something you probably don’t want to take, and stuff that is has more steps than the Tour Eiffel.

2. Where is the get down?

You probably shouldn’t roll to one of these if you don’t know answers to basic questions. But say you were to get air dropped in cold, cause you read the Bible and decide you’re out for a quick buck. Grab a copy of the schedule and figure out what kinds of acts will serve your serve best. Then book there, post up and make sure to chat up when you spark up. This is really simple stuff. Eventually you will have folks asking for the hookup cause they didn’t come prepared. Luckily you will have.

3. What’s good with the music scene?

If you’re in to 4 to the floor beats and drops then you will also be happy at the usual.

But here’s a funny thing. Cause festivals (with a few exceptions where you can catch your boy each and every year) cater to a upper-brow middle-class young White suburbanite kind of crowd, there are a lot of fire rap acts.

It’s one of those weird dichotomies in life. So you can catch acts like The 36 Chambers Crew themselves.

Is what it is. If you’re a fan of the music, you may be surprised to hear that the 18-year old white chick next to you might know the lyrics better than you and is throwing down all the explicatives.

That brings me to the final point.

4. What’s good with the fly chicks?

Here’s the deal. If you’re at a event with five figures, scaled down the age chain to accommodate at 18-25 crowd specifically, and throw in the unspoken activities, there’s not really any reason you shouldn’t be cleaning up. Toss this in with being a fine brother that has a height advantage and a smooth tongue. It’s only gotten easier, and I expect it to age like some Macallan.

What are the types. Once again depends on the specific crowd. But expect a lot on the fly side, most in minimal clothing, and an atmosphere tuned to pulling out emotion. Not to mention all the stimulus of a club environment, cranked to the 10th degree. It’s not really something to play around with.

Combine all that with handing out candy to strangers, which means a passive stream of good vibes that people are paying you to partake in. It’s almost not fair.

Straight From the Underground

While you’ll usually find me at the latest soft opening or hitting the lounge in a two-piece, one-button with a tie and a square, part of keeping on your toes and making sure you have Full Access to all that life has to offer is mixing it up and making sure to get your dose of the Other Side.

Occasionally that means taking a few days off the regular gig, loading up the truck with some of the crew, hitting the plug, coping a few stashes that will get you through the weekend, and then bouncing to a local festival.

We stumbled on these a while back, and have proven to be a ludicrous business that concentrates the demand in one area for a few days. Suitable for a captured audience, we jack the price and walk away with the bank to throw away on some other ventures.

The next level move here is not the festival itself. It’s the combination of professional and pleasure interests. These are kind of advanced moves because usually people feel the need to keep them separate. The pinnacle of combination that we’ve reached as society is Happy Hour, which is mostly wack and only useful for putting in time with the 9-5 crowd when you need to close some extra deals for the quarter or get an in at the company that is across the street.

Since we’ve moved past that in to a realm where most people don’t tread, there are some things that we’ve learned from long experience that may be useful to the entrepreneur working to make his mark at the local event space.

1 . Pick money

Figure out what you’re doing there and why. Since my first love is Green, and the second is Gold, followed by Fine Black Women, the main reason I’m ever at one of these things is to stack that cash. So of course that means the focus is business. Scope that and don’t loose sight of your reasons for being.

2.  Figure out your clientele

Ideally you have looked at the landscape or have a decent idea of where your customers are going to be kicking it. If not then you’re a few steps behind and probably want to get up on Game.

3. Make your pitch

Since we are Notorious like Biggie in the streets, we’ve got folks coming up to us to solicit, but when you are just starting out you’re going to have to make the First Step. A good way is with casual use and a quick intro to a “Connect” that is hanging around in the shadows.

4. Collect your earnings

The one con (and not the Big Shop that opened up down the street from my spot, no connection) to the festival deal is that there are too many opportunities to flash your cash and watch all the hard end scratch end up down the tubes. Get some discipline and bring your own drink cause that is a different kind of racket.

Sure Tings

So there’s something that most cats would benefit from figuring out early on in the Game when they start hitting the streets hard.

There are always going to be some girls that are just down, and recognizing these chicks from the rest, then capitalizing on it will automatically up your results.

I see this all the time when I’m out:

Guy is dancing on a girl or chatting her up and she is diggin it. Everything is right in that moment and she’s ready for him to go for it.

Thing is. Most cats do not make any moves.

Pushing for the action is the only way to actually get there. She is not going to take it there, you have to make things happen.

When you start to recognize which girls are down then you can figure out when to make the moves that you need to make. Spend less time hitting the books for the latest line to get her out the club and realize when she is about to walk out with you if you were to take her hand and hit the door.

Get out there.

Money Ball

Some cats approach this kinda thing with a statistical, analytical approach. That line of thinking has you filling out spreadsheets on how many of this and that you took down last week and how much you pulled in the week before.

That works well and great if you want to maintain. Stick to the things you are doing and keep pushing on. That also means staying flat-line, hitting the plateau. Might as well be dead.

Making choices based on past data is going to really fuck you up in the long term because you’ll end up only believing the things you have done in the past are possible. Recipe for zero growth.

Instead, you have to use your current experiences and look to what they would be like magnified in ways that you would enjoy way more than what you’ve got right now.

This is very powerful stuff. It’s less “How can I get a promotion next year” and more “Which of the competitors do I want to run next year.”

This ties a bit in with some other moves we’ve been talking about, but a few scales larger.

Think about this sometime and see what you can whip up.

Business As Usual

Every so often, because you’ve got a full social card, you will get asked out to a dinner that is more about Moving Numbers than Crunching Numbers.

You want to make sure to make room for these kinds of events. Luckily, they get booked early enough that you can pencil them in a few weeks in advance. It’s an advanced move here to make sure you’re booked for the upcoming weeks with these so that you have some convenient outs to dodge a dinner with a fly model chick and her wack friend that homegirl has been trying to set up.

Once you’ve got the something on the calendar, you’re going to want to put in a full day of deal making and capping ahead of your dinner so you are Peaking at the right time. This will involve scheduling some In-Persons, catching a Red Eye and going on No Sleep to a 8am Board Meeting to lock down a big contract. Then you could roll to serve up the Dominicana down the block from the spot you’re crashing who has been looking for the work. Then posting up since “you’ve got a bit of time on your hands” for a session. Then getting in some minor One on One action and crossing her up a few times before taking it to the Rack.

You’ll roll to your pad to check in and get Pieced Out. Drop in a custom fitted Dark Charcoal and Deep Purple tie and throw on some AEs. Knock back a few of the 12-year at the lounge down the street from your spot and put in some face time with another client who is a Regular there.

Don’t loose time talking business. Leave enough so that you can show up to the Event once it’s full. This is so you can hit the place with maximum effects. Get some intros to all the movers and shakers, make sure to drop seeds for later but have too many new people to meet.

Put everyone on ice for now as you make your way around. Get a drink in your hand. Preferably a Tempranillo. Make the rest of the rounds and get back to thank the host for the invite. Spend some time solidifying that relationship and making sure everything is good with the Account.

Roll back to some of the cards you dropped early and pick up anything you’ve got. Get in with a few Private Equity folk and some others that are looking in to Alternative Investments. Drop some knowledge about those topics and set up some other follow up meetings based on needs that one or two of the group have.

In a sense, events like these are compounding. You get the initial dividends of putting in face time with your group, but should also get some extra returns from any connections you make with friends of friends of friends. The benefit is that almost everyone is a Heavy in their own way, so you don’t have to waste time. The atmosphere is meant for Talking Shop, so come correct and expand the business is the MO.

After you make a few rounds, they’ll bring out the main courses, and you’ll cop your assigned seat. People take special care to mix up the tables, so you’ll likely end up next to even more business connects. This is on purpose to make sure the conversation keeps going. Extract the basic data from everyone about what they do, then start making connections.

The rest of the night should go in to a haze of wine and good conversation. At the end of the night, make sure to dap up your hosts and thank them for the good party. This will get you on the list for the next one. Do any last follow ups that you need to with the stragglers. If there happens to be a fly girl or two left then of course you will offer to bounce to the bar you’ve got on lock down the street. That is another story, for another day.

Glass Flows

Something interesting to try out. Layering in a bit of suggestive language. Really not that hard in practice. Flipping every day things with just the right tone to push the envelope.

Quick example. Posted up at a table. Somehow ended up there after rolling through the spot and peeping some of the crew. They were kicking it with some cat and his crew. There’s some folks I’ve seen here and there, but I end up pitching a lil curly headed shawty who is new to my eyes.

We get to talking about Cash and Favors with some other business twists. She’s in Finance so I’m vibing off of that and busting on her about being good at Math.

My crew is rolling out to the next spot so I grab the digits and say “We should get together soon.” I’m the picture of innocence itself. She says she would like that. I’ve got the follow ups, “Let’s do it later next week, I’ll be Out of Town until then.”

When I’m back in town it goes down like I laid out.

Try this out sometime.

Expected Upside

Funny thing you’ll notice.

Say you’re out with a girl. You’ve been seeing her for a while so she’s let it slip to a friend of hers that she’s “kind of in to this guy” and he “doesn’t say too much about his situation.” Of course the friend is bout to spout off some nonsense about how “this dude is not that great” and try to press the fly honey you’ve been feeling to drop your ass.

This is what we can call an Expected Upside.

Conventional wisdom says that you should be worried when a friend of your girl is trying to put you down.

What’s really happening though is your girl is called out to defend you, because really, she has to defend herself. She maid the choice to put in with you, so of course she’s going to take that side.

If you want to go deeper in to this, stack up on any side of an argument against someone. They will almost always take the other side. So you can go Left of a Liberal or Right of a Neocon and you’re going to be in for some fun dinner conversation.

Try this some time.

Your Beliefs Laid Bare

Here’s an interesting thing. At some point, you’re just a collection of all the beliefs that you hold. You probably aren’t aware of most of the underlying beliefs that run your day to day life. Something as simple as “everyone will drive on the right side of the road in America” is a thing that we all take for granted.

Those are the simple ones. You hold a series of increasingly complex and often contradictory belief systems that play out in your actions. Most people don’t ever stop to question these. You’re reading this, so you are a step ahead. Think about some of the deeper held beliefs that you have. Even something that seems concrete. Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t.

That’s the most interesting thing about beliefs. Very easy to change them. I’m sure you’ve had a belief, and then some circumstance caused you to question it. You probably went through a period of disillusionment, even anger. Eventually you moved on and now you can maybe look back at it and laugh about how naive you were.

Society for the most part, invested in keeping up beliefs that are useful to feeding Leviathan. Most of these go unquestioned. You load them up through early experiences and childhood shit, then act it out in the world without taking a look at that second level programming.

That’s why  your beliefs are so malleable. A little word voodoo and you can convince anyone to believe the complete opposite of what they did two minutes before.

Go out and try this some time. You’ll find that is much easier than you think to replace old beliefs with something more fun and interesting.

ATL Step By Step

Have been getting that flight itch, so went ahead and pulled the trigger on a few days in the A.

One of the spots I love to kick it for a long week, throw back some Southern Bourbon, smoke grits, and cap Fine Black girls With Southern Accents.

Here’s a quick single-day blueprint for getting in some solid action.

1. Get in some laps during the early afternoon

Could be Lennox, or Phipps, or Atlantic Station, or Little Five Points, or just kicking it on Emory’s campus. Bust out some laps in a good location and crunch numbers for later. I’ve been partial to hitting Buckhead for this and coping something from the Canali store. The plus there is you can hit on the fly floor girl and also pick up some fresh threads for the collection.

2. Set up a few dinner slots

Underrated move that plays extra well in a Southern Town like ATL, is having a few slots for dinner. So you have your early dinners with a few girls and the homie where you may throw back 2 or 3 Bourbon Rocks and some Light Fare. Then you hit the next spot on the solo tip and grab a mid-meal. Then catch one of your leads for dessert down the street. I usually run this in Midtown for easy next steps. A good run for this kind of thing is hitting the bar at Marcel.

3. Make the transition

Lots of good lounges in Atlanta. Grab up some and throw back a few more drinks. Preferably in the company of some fly chicks that you either pulled from dinner or that you number chopped earlier. You’re still early in the night so make some moves, but leave your options open. If you want to get in a quick cap before you hit the main events, pull a chick back from a lounge in Midtown to your spot for a quick session. For example, hit Little Trouble followed by Halo or Sivas.

4. Night sprints

So you’ve been busting it out at the lounge and people are starting to fill in. You’re going to want to make some decisions. If you’re like me, you’ve burned down the spot you are at and it’s time to bounce. I’m partial to hitting another lounge or two in Midtown, but there are also some fly upscale clubs in the A. Take your pick and figure out a set up that works for you. I’m on the kick back with a grit and a drink these days, so been bouncing out clubs with a few chicks to more calm scenarios where I can chop it one on one. There are a thousand spots to hit the late night tip in ATL. You can figure that one out for yourself based on your style. I’ve had good times at a bunch of the spots in the city. Midtown is good for stuff. Buckhead is good for stuff. Find a power center with a few joints to get in to and hit that. Just don’t go to Opera with everyone else who can’t find a better venue.

5. Finish strong

While everyone else is dropping off, you can make some final night moves. Great place to end up is at any of the A’s popping Gentleman’s Clubs. ATL is known for this particular fare, so make sure to hit it up. Magic City, is always a go to, but there are plenty. I try and get to a new one every time I’m in the city, but always return to the staples.


All of those hard moves should get you some good prospects. Close out hard and make sure to follow up on your leads. Atlanta is heavy with social scene, but light on Cats With Game, so if you roll heavy and follow the above to the Letter you shouldn’t have any issues.

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