I’m kicking it at one of my usual haunts. Posted up at the bar, decked out in full regalia. Coming off putting the finishing touches on a medium sized deal. Celebrating, but wanting more.

I roll around the spot and chat up some of the regulars and wait staff. Get an intro to a local heavy and offer up some goods for later. The place fills up slowly as the crowd turns over from the after work to the after hours.

I’m a few drinks in and spark up a grit on the patio, chief that, and roll back in side to the bar.

I hit up the bar tender and we’re chopping it up about the 12-year when these two fine sistas hit up the empty spot next to me.

I run the easy move, pawn the bartender, and loop them in to the convo and make sure they have their drinks.

Really very straightforward way to open because you’re just bringing in people to an old conversation. Socially, it’s hard not to respond to more than one person “including” you in a group. So by looping someone in to a conversation, you can lock them in for a thread or two.

This is why it also pays to have some velocity, because if you’re always chatting up folk, always hitting the stick and move, you can bring anyone in the area in to a convo.

Here’s another example, just so we’re clear. This time in reverse.

Posted up at an airport bar. Mad fly bartender takes my order, then goes off. I end up chatting up the guy next to me, and we get deep in to a convo about some sales techniques. When old girl comes back around, I pawn off the dude and bring her in to our conversation by sourcing her opinion.

You see how simple this is. Get out there.