So right now things are clicking on a formulaic level.

Party hard and do all the usual with the homies. These days the nights are turning into days and there is little sleep needed or to be had. Dance, cop digits and chat it up with anyone that looks interesting.

Then it’s all in the phone. Calls back and forth to set something up.

Then it’s a trip to the beach. And drinks. And some talking about deeper things and a feeling her out to see where she is at and what she is trying to do. Then it’s a bounce to a new spot, different beach. Some food maybe, maybe not. Maybe just another drink. Dancing now. Getting closer. Walk off to the waves and now she’s wanting more. Not shy about giving it to her either. End it all quickly because sometimes the suspense and tension is more fun then having everything you want on the first push.

More bounces, maybe another local spot, maybe a resto depending on the mood. I’ve been running longer plays so now I’ll drop her off and leave the rest for another day. It’s hard for her to make it past 3. At that point she wants a lot and is willing to ask for it.

So then after one night of the usual plays, it’s back to the spot and she knew it would be good but she didn’t know it would be this good.