The thing is that I like fake nails on my back. This wouldn’t be the first or the last time. But the thought was just crossing my mind that I might as well give in to some of my baser urges.

It was always the ones that were going to cause trouble. Just pulling in these things for fun and then end up all enjoying riding certain highs a bit too much.

So that’s back to the nails thing.

I over debating it and just enjoy things for a bit. Not think about all the other possible complications. She talked a lot. Along with the nails. Lots of talking that I’m mostly not paying attention to. Snippets of gossip about her cousin who just stepped out on her man cause he was being a down low bum and fam was just tired of that. Throwing out a few choice questions and what not.

Girl things basically made for the gossip. It’s nails and gossip. And tattoos.

Choices maybe not always so great on my part. Earlier, choice to head out, late because the homeboy wanted to run an errand. Errand turns out to be picking up something off his cuzo. Who happens to be having a bit of a party.

Then of course choice to stay and hang out and maybe a spliff or two before leaving. Turns in to intros and meet so and so. Then choice to head back to the spot with a few old friends and some new ones.

And of course little ratchet shorty is feeling your boy.

Now usually I appreciate the girl that can hold work and also has a bit of a wild side and things. But I also know that there is a certain kind of girl that is more likely to have an ex that may or may not have dodged a case. So I slide digits and fend off a few advances and go to take my ass to bed.

But then there she is talking about tired and there was still some more tree that she had so why don’t we head to my room and smoke it. Then it’s nails and tattoos and gossip. More ink than I would have thought. But we smoke her stuff and also some of mine and then laid out on the bed to chat. And of course there is a choice to not just catch it if she is throwing things around like that.