Here’s something you’ll run in to when you’re out rolling around kicking Game and dishing out Smack to the faithful.

You’ll be posted up after the after party, time spent, dropping off an Ozzie to these two girls who cop on the regular.

You’ll come through. They’ll offer a hang and a bump if you don’t have anything better to do. Maybe, maybe not. You can kick it for a minute. Get in to the fresh and spin off talking about this that or the other with the girls.

Early on, the friend starts feeling your boy. She chooses up. We’re vibing. I’m chopping it up about some. She’s a Dancer. Lincoln Center, not Lincoln Road.

The friend makes some calls. Runs some referrals through me and I’m not going to complain about the Cash coming my way. They cut me up another and then confer in the corner. I roll up a blunt and we spark that.

I throw in some more and home girl comes up, “You know she’s in to you.” Devil in question comes over and sits down next to me after. They’ve decided.

Some other cats roll through, it’s a bit more of a function now. I roll up and roll around to get more connects. There are new folks to serve up so all those deals go down.

Shawty is in mid-convo but looks over my way. I roll over and spit a few spells before we hit the door.