Funny thing you’ll notice.

Say you’re out with a girl. You’ve been seeing her for a while so she’s let it slip to a friend of hers that she’s “kind of in to this guy” and he “doesn’t say too much about his situation.” Of course the friend is bout to spout off some nonsense about how “this dude is not that great” and try to press the fly honey you’ve been feeling to drop your ass.

This is what we can call an Expected Upside.

Conventional wisdom says that you should be worried when a friend of your girl is trying to put you down.

What’s really happening though is your girl is called out to defend you, because really, she has to defend herself. She maid the choice to put in with you, so of course she’s going to take that side.

If you want to go deeper in to this, stack up on any side of an argument against someone. They will almost always take the other side. So you can go Left of a Liberal or Right of a Neocon and you’re going to be in for some fun dinner conversation.

Try this some time.