Something interesting to try out. Layering in a bit of suggestive language. Really not that hard in practice. Flipping every day things with just the right tone to push the envelope.

Quick example. Posted up at a table. Somehow ended up there after rolling through the spot and peeping some of the crew. They were kicking it with some cat and his crew. There’s some folks I’ve seen here and there, but I end up pitching a lil curly headed shawty who is new to my eyes.

We get to talking about Cash and Favors with some other business twists. She’s in Finance so I’m vibing off of that and busting on her about being good at Math.

My crew is rolling out to the next spot so I grab the digits and say “We should get together soon.” I’m the picture of innocence itself. She says she would like that. I’ve got the follow ups, “Let’s do it later next week, I’ll be Out of Town until then.”

When I’m back in town it goes down like I laid out.

Try this out sometime.