Some cats approach this kinda thing with a statistical, analytical approach. That line of thinking has you filling out spreadsheets on how many of this and that you took down last week and how much you pulled in the week before.

That works well and great if you want to maintain. Stick to the things you are doing and keep pushing on. That also means staying flat-line, hitting the plateau. Might as well be dead.

Making choices based on past data is going to really fuck you up in the long term because you’ll end up only believing the things you have done in the past are possible. Recipe for zero growth.

Instead, you have to use your current experiences and look to what they would be like magnified in ways that you would enjoy way more than what you’ve got right now.

This is very powerful stuff. It’s less “How can I get a promotion next year” and more “Which of the competitors do I want to run next year.”

This ties a bit in with some other moves we’ve been talking about, but a few scales larger.

Think about this sometime and see what you can whip up.