Yeah Paris. Gets lots of hate just about every where. What does your boy think? See here.


Smoking culture – no one is giving you side eye for sparking a grit as they would in lesser cities like Los Scandalous. Hell, even New York City is turning in to No Smoke City.

Fly girl culture – Paris has the Fly Girl culture. Run around in circles long enough and you will catch all the regular socialite this and that which makes up the upper crust of the world jet set crew. The girls know how to fit themselves. Just know where to look for this and it’s there.

Arts culture – nothing like kicking back out front some old building or garden or cemetery with a chick and a bottle of Cotês du Rhône and talking through life and death.

Party culture – Paris works hard and plays hard. Dawn comes around and the party is still going on and then there is still the day party to go to. 2-3 day benders are not unheard of.

Drug culture – Trees, snow, Pills, etc. Get at it if that’s your thing.

Mass transit culture – Le Metro. Enough said.

Food culture – yeah post up at any which spot on the street and get a good meal. Or hit any of the high end spots in any hood and have the chef whip you up the menu of the day. If it’s got a chalkboard it’s workable.

Foreign culture – Paris is the most visited city in the world. Foreign is nothing new to them. And it attracts the fly foreign chicks to live, work and play in the same way NYC does.


Except for the tourists getting taken for their change in Monte… non I can think of.



Don’t believe the hype. Get out there.