Emotional stimulation and navigating a girl’s mental blocks came up on another thread.

Until you get the basic idea and can run stuff unscripted, it may help to have some kind of basic gambit down and follows up. Run it a few times and then you’ll get the hang and then you should stop running canned shit cause it will put you in a rut.

The idea is to conjure emotions and feels in a chick and then get her to relate with the positive ones to you and any negative ones to other things.

You want to come up with one for yourself but I almost always play off location and travel cause it’s central to my life and I usually lead with a related curiosity gambit that gets her to ask where I’m from and why I’m here (did this even in the states)

Then it’s like

“You ever get ready to do something new and then just before you’re mad excited but also like a little nervous, that’s always my favorite feeing because the nervous energy is like a little sign that you are about to step outside your comfort zone and then it’s like yo you really need to do this. That’s how I feel about traveling and going to new places and meeting new people. I know it’s always going to be an amazing experience if i just step outside that comfort zone.”

Etc etc

Knowing some NLP type stuff and how to use language to get to feelings and how to anchor these to yourself and how to emphasize some words with embedded commands. Ya all helpful but not really required if you get the basic idea.

Then you want to get her to draw out the same vibe in herself so she matches it. Usually will do this by turning that whole sequence above back on her with cold read.

“Yeah I bet you know how that is you seem like an adventurous type / love adventure / try new things often / etc”

Then she agrees and talks about it some and you probe her (what they call eliciting values) a bit with some questions or open ended statements.

For getting around hangups it’s mostly about having some empathy and being able to see where she is struggling a bit because she wants the cool guy experience and to be swept up in that feel but sometimes she needs some help getting there.

Disregarding logistics and other meat space stuff to just talk about mental things. A lot of it is social frame stuff cause she needs to know that you won’t judge her, won’t put her in a bad situation, that she won’t have blow back to her circle and that you won’t be some clingy looser once she gives it up.

So yeah once you realize where she is at you can work with her to get past those together. And usually it helps to throw in some non judgement frame where you can talk about how guys are always judging chicks and it makes it hard for girls to open up and yeah you think it’s wack.

There’s way better info about this stuff elsewhere once you know where to look and a lot of it is low key overkill at a certain point but yeah it is fun to run.