Useful skill with fly women or with big cash is reading ahead.

Got to have that two steps. Quick example to illustrate.

Get a ring from a client. Big account, so it goes through on the second buzz. Of course there are some issues, some things to work out. Luck has it, I’ll be in that part of the world in the next bit so the easy move is putting some time on. Cop the dinner, smooth things over, we make some plans for later on in the month and we’re both on our way.

Of course, cause I’m suited and feeling good after tossing back a few and sparking up on the street out front, I hit the spot down the block. No rust and I intended to be in and out like a robbery. Walk in, dap up the homie in front and the bar tender, give la bise to the floor girl, grab a seat on the corner.

Post up, switch over to some darker stuff. Pop off at a shawty sitting a few seats over. She’s digging it, swap over to the chair next to her and she orders another drink. Little spiel about her work. She’s out on business, get the hotel name. She just got done with a meeting, nothing to do after. She’s mad cause her friend was supposed to meet her but flaked, nothing going on.

I drop some stuff about another spot that is cracking later on and grab another Bulleit. A few conversation pieces later and she suggests we go check out one of those other places. Yeah, the one that is supposed to pop off.

We get there, dance a bit. She can move, I like that. Eventually, we bounce. She’s been running around in heels all day, she’s got more comfortable stuff back at hers. We roll down the street and cop another bottle of wine and a corkscrew from the corner store. Her hotel is down the street. Wonder how that happened.