Well used way to keep your card full is to swing invites to some regular events.

That could be Sunday brunch with the fried chicken at the home girl’s aunt’s spot, or it could be a Seder spread. Key is to have some joints where you can drop in unannounced and you know you’ll see a few regulars.

This is good for keeping connects fresh. You’ll want to catch up on the news. Always keep an ear to the ground so you can dish a headline here and there.

Or go multipurpose and drop “Have you seen how the contractors have been performing out East?” Just nod along after that one.

Usually the host will try to throw a chick at you or the chick will throw herself. You can spin these to meet laters or just play it cool and cop digits.

You’re going to want to tailor these meets to your tastes. The idea of course is to max out on food, wine, whiskey and opportunities to chop it up with fly chicks.

Make sure you bring a good bottle of wine or 12 year with you to supplement. Depending you can widen the supply a bit.

Play it by ear. There are plenty of scenes to explore.

Get out there.