Just cause we’ve been talking about it, here’s a few examples of social circle game at work. 

Been kicking it with one of my friends here at one of the local spots. Think stoop drinking with all the elders and other folks in the hood stopping by to take a drink and smoke cigs. In general its a good time. 

So I’m chopping up with the older guys there and some females stop through. Introductions all around, they sit and chat with the group and light up. I start to talking to one and we hit it off a bit. Share some of my drink with her and just general light flirt back and forth. 

The homie and I bounce a bit later and she’s all “you’re leaving so soon you have to come back” and of course I will catch any time a chick is throwing it like that. 

Fast forward and next time I see him he’s like “home girl is in love with you” and gives me the digits. 

Spent literally zero effort on this whole thing because of how the situation was set up.

Another one. 

Hit one of the usual spots with my rollie. Between the two of us we know about half the people in the joint so we roll in and it’s a bit of a scene as we go around and dap everyone up. A chick I know grabs us to day hi and double cheek kiss greetings go all around. This isn’t a huge place so of course every chick sees all this go down. 

Later just dancing and vibing to the music I see home girl with a new girl. Second shawty is bad (the girls here are just so fine it is low key ridicolous) so I’m plotting on her immediately. Just pull a circle around the floor to come up from the other side and start chatting up my friend. She intros me to new girl and it is pretty clockwork textbook meet convo. We all vibe and then a good song comes on so I pull girl to dance. Of course my home girl is encouraging this and plays a bit jealous and possessive which only helps my whole case. Cop digits and it’s a wrap. 

All this to say that social circle stuff when it works out is pretty seamless.