So there’s something that most cats would benefit from figuring out early on in the Game when they start hitting the streets hard.

There are always going to be some girls that are just down, and recognizing these chicks from the rest, then capitalizing on it will automatically up your results.

I see this all the time when I’m out:

Guy is dancing on a girl or chatting her up and she is diggin it. Everything is right in that moment and she’s ready for him to go for it.

Thing is. Most cats do not make any moves.

Pushing for the action is the only way to actually get there. She is not going to take it there, you have to make things happen.

When you start to recognize which girls are down then you can figure out when to make the moves that you need to make. Spend less time hitting the books for the latest line to get her out the club and realize when she is about to walk out with you if you were to take her hand and hit the door.

Get out there.