So let’s say you’re in your gig. Doing well for yourself. Got a bit of leverage, got a few folks working the block.

But there’s that one cat. He’s got it a bit better. Say you’re running three stacks a week, he’s running five.

Real answer from the street is to work him over. Cut off the supply, bust on his minions a bit, make life difficult.

Eventually the dude will throw in the cards. Or he’ll hit back.

That’s in the streets.

If you’re working with him at the 9 to 5, maybe you give him a little big project. Something he just can’t quite chew. Throw that down and make sure things blow up big in front of the decision makers.

Same principles.

Situation comes up when you’re out running the block. Sometimes the honey that you’re working towards at the spot is already posted with this dude or that due.

Running different styles there, but a lot of cats are going to chop it up and try to make nice.

Really it’s about gauging the situation. Maybe he will throw you a bone. This chick is his and that chick is yours.

But if you need to get him off the set. Come in swinging, just disregard any of that social shit. Drop a bomb here bomb there and then bust out with the chick in the middle of the flames.

Common denominator is that you’ve got to come in hot. No half stepping.

So all that said, story time.

Posted at the spot a while back. Swirling a Spanish Red, half the bottle gone. There’s folk milling around, little birthday jam going on at the bar across the way. Step over there, make some small talk. Figure out the host and the birthday girl.

One chick stands out. She’s dressed up, the vibe that it’s a bit nicer than she usually rocks. Rocking this silver dress. Hugging the right places. Light skinned but from out the country. Something a bit more exotic.

So of course I roll. Line up smooth, chat this and that, she’s feeling your boy.

Guy to the side, was in the convo before apparently starts to pop off cause I had stepped in his stuff.

A word or two. Digits and no more talk from the herb.

Let them talk, just make moves and hit hard.