Here’s an interesting thing. At some point, you’re just a collection of all the beliefs that you hold. You probably aren’t aware of most of the underlying beliefs that run your day to day life. Something as simple as “everyone will drive on the right side of the road in America” is a thing that we all take for granted.

Those are the simple ones. You hold a series of increasingly complex and often contradictory belief systems that play out in your actions. Most people don’t ever stop to question these. You’re reading this, so you are a step ahead. Think about some of the deeper held beliefs that you have. Even something that seems concrete. Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t.

That’s the most interesting thing about beliefs. Very easy to change them. I’m sure you’ve had a belief, and then some circumstance caused you to question it. You probably went through a period of disillusionment, even anger. Eventually you moved on and now you can maybe look back at it and laugh about how naive you were.

Society for the most part, invested in keeping up beliefs that are useful to feeding Leviathan. Most of these go unquestioned. You load them up through early experiences and childhood shit, then act it out in the world without taking a look at that second level programming.

That’s why  your beliefs are so malleable. A little word voodoo and you can convince anyone to believe the complete opposite of what they did two minutes before.

Go out and try this some time. You’ll find that is much easier than you think to replace old beliefs with something more fun and interesting.